Basketbawful Finally Does Comics Again

I love Basketbawful. I think that’s the first blog I ever subscribed to when RSS became available. And you know what, beyond that, it’s one of a few I’m subscribed to I actually read. You know how you keep subscribing to stuff thinking they might be relevant but they just end up clutter? Not ‘bawful. That right there says a lot man.

So anyway, they got an excellent Kobe comic going on right now that I thought I’d spread around.

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Kobe (Again), and the Jackass Guys

Look, I know it’s the 3rd round. I know the Lakers just made it 2-0, and I know I’ve been putting in way too much Kobe stuff, on account of his being MVP and jumping over cars and all. But I can’t, I just cannot pass this one up. This is crayyyyzeeeee. I’m not even gonna try to describe it. Just watch.

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Kobes New Kicks

Got 7* grand to spare? Well Kobe’s new shoes are in the market so you might wanna check it out:

zoom kobe iii.jpg

I originally wanted to talk about how expensive or how ‘unique’ the design is but decided against it because lets face it, those are wholly relative terms. Yeah it’s expensive – to me. I can’t afford it but a bunch of other guys can for sure. Yeah it looks kinda same ‘ol – to me. But for every me there’s a bunch of other guys who think it’s build by the Hand of God Himself, and a bunch of other guys who think it sucks. That’s the way it is.

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