Kobe Tour Update: Free Tickets @ The Fort, Liveblog @ BallEx!

Alrighty Kobe and not – so Kobe fans. As promised, here are the details of Kobe’s Nike Tour fresh off my email rcvd just a few minutes ago:

“Kobe Bryant’s one-day Manila visit will kick off with a visit at Nike Park, The Fort at 2:00pm, where he will meet young ballers from select Gawad Kalinga communities. Kobe has made it a point to support deserving institutions in every tour, setting aside quality time to be with children who are interested in basketball to encourage them to keep dreaming big. Activities at the Nike Park, The Fort will be broadcasted live over W.N.I.K.E Radio on 89.9 DWTM.

The main event of the basketball superstar’s Manila visit will be a basketball camp at the ULTRA where Kobe will showcase his skills and share his basketball prowess alongside the Nike Elite Campers, a group of up-and-coming young basketball players. The camp will allow Kobe to work with his young fans to help them increase their level of play on the basketball court. The show will start at 4:00pm, gates will be open to the public at 3:00pm.”

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Orlando Loses (in HD)

While the rest of you losers were watching on your pitiful TVs, I had the chance to ‘experience’ the NBA Finals Game 5 on an HDTV, in HD (as opposed to an HDTV but still receiving a ‘standard’ signal).

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The Gods of Basketball Do Not Take Kindly To Missed FTs

Fish’s 1st 3 pointer (or was it his 2nd? I forget.)

To me, it’s very simple. If you shoot only 22-37 FTs (59.5%), inspite of being able to shoot 76% FTs in the regular season, then you deserve to lose. Especially if a. those FTs are important down the stretch (such as Howard’s 2 of 2 misses with 11.1 seconds to go in the 4th with the score 84-87, that could’ve brought them within a point), and b. players who regularly do better, such as Hedo Turkoglu who shoots 84% FTs in the regular season, suddenly shooting only 8 of 13 (61%) today.

I mean, think about it. Everything else LA did or Orl couldn’t do could’ve been neutralized if Orl could only sink their charities.

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This Is What It's All About

I’m referring to this:

That’s Lakers Center Pao Gasol, one of the world’s best at his position in any team in any league and imho, deserving of the honor accorded those who filled that same position on the team in the past, celebrating after a perfect give and go play.

The Lakers now go on 2-0 vs. the (surprisingly) struggling Orlando Magic in this year’s Finals Series, 101-96 (OT).

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Spike Lee for Cover of 2k10

Yes I know the NBA’s going on right now but this is just as important (well, at least to those who take this sort of thing seriously). Anyway, just watch.

update 20090608: didn’t realize the previous video autoplayed and there weren’t any volume or playback / pause options. Sorry bout that, just click on the link above to watch it instead. Boo 2ksports.com.

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Nuggets Blew It

I don’t think there’s any other way to best describe it.

Today the LA Lakers will go to their 30th NBA Finals appearance with a walk – in – the – park 119-92 win, derailing the Denver Nuggets on the road.

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Nike's All-Star Lineup

Herewith is your guide to what your favorite NBA Stars are wearing for the All-Star Weekend.

We start out with above for who else? Kobe Bryant, with his signature Nike Zoom Kobe IV. The rather simplistic design and ordinary colors contrive to make it my personal favorite of the bunch. Call me old – school, but I like it.

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