My Game Is Made From Finding The Open Man

Not being in a rush. Whenever you try to force things it tends to go the opposite way. If there’s a behind the back pass that presents itself then do it but don’t go out there looking to do it.

No truer words.

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Just Wait A Little Longer Kidd

By now you’ve heard from sources far more reliable than Basketball Exchange that Jason Kidd wants out and wants out now.

The first thing guys like me do when things like this happen is read up, and that’s what I did. My interpretation? In bullet points:

  • Reports say that the ‘Nets, in not so many words, “are exercising all possible options to improve, including the likelihood of Jason leaving“. Remember, that’s my interpretation, a presumption in essence.
  • I think that’s what the ‘Nets admin office wants us to hear, but the truth is, Jason wants out NOW. As in PRONTO.
  • Jason of course won’t say that out loud, and he shouldn’t, because he’s not trained to do that. He’s trained to be a basketball player and he’s a very very very good one, but speaking out to the public? He is wise to let pros handle that.
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