Fiba-Asia 2013 Phils v. Korea 2013 – That Winning Feeling

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

It’s hard to write about a game such as last night’s due to the sheer variety and depth of emotions that come with its recollection. For the most part I was calm, primarily due to the fact I don’t buy in to the ‘laban’ and ‘puso’ shtick. My love for my country has nothing to do with basketball and even less on the outcome of a game. I love my country and (deserving) fellow Filipinos, and I’m pretty much sure the the players of Gilas do as well. This is default and non – negotiable, so the idea of it indirectly being questioned every time I read ‘puso’, as if to say we do not have heart if we do not win offends me. If we lose a game we may not be as skilled, as tall, as fluid or whatever, but it’s certainly not because we lack heart. If anything we might have too much heart. Let’s talk basketball tangibles – shooting, assists, defense, and the like. But don’t talk to me about not having heart. Never ever doubt heart.

Whew. Ok moving on:



Fiba Asia 2012: Iran vs. Philippines

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Oh well.


Fiba Asia 2012: Chinese-Taipei vs. Philippines

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

This is an important game as the mid of the 4th saw Chinese Taipei coming back on a 9-0 run after being behind by as much as 15(?), therefore testing the character of Smart Gilas under pressure.


Fiba Asia 2012: Lebanon vs. Philippines

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

Well there you go. And the hits just keep on comin’.


Fiba Asia: China vs. Phils

Friday, September 14th, 2012

I only caught the replay and by now everyone knows the result, but am writing down thoughts anyway because heck, I’ve nothing better to do that’s how I roll.


FIBA-Asia Aftermath

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

I’ll get right to the gist of the matter.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record and mentioning what everyone knows already, Professional Sports and playing for a National Team just doesn’t work. For example: As if to emphasize my point, fresh this morning as I wrote this, Yahoo reports that the Dallas Mavericks is not allowing Dirk Nowitzki to play for the Euro League. Notwithstanding both parties’ cordial reaction re the matter, the fact still remains a player’s two loyalties, playing for country whilst making a living playing as a pro is akin to having cake and attempting to eat it too.

You can’t make a living as a pro and then drop everything to play for free for the National Team and expect everyone (ie. your bosses) to be happy about it. You just can’t.


FIBA Asia Championship Final Game

Saturday, August 15th, 2009
August 16, 2009
9:00 pmto11:00 pm

2009 FIBA Asia Championship Final Game Live @ 9PM (replay at 2AM next day) RPN 9 or BTV

FIBA Asia Championship 3rd Place Game

Saturday, August 15th, 2009
August 16, 2009
4:00 pmto6:00 pm

2009 FIBA Asia Championship 3rd Place Game Live @ 4PM (replay at 11:59PM) RPN 9 or BTV

FIBA Asia Championship Semifinal Game 2

Saturday, August 15th, 2009
August 15, 2009
9:00 pmto11:00 pm

2009 FIBA Asia Championship Semifinal Game 2 Live @ 9PM (replay at 2AM next day); RPN 9 or BTV

FIBA Asia Championship Semifinal Game 1

Saturday, August 15th, 2009
August 15, 2009
4:00 pmto6:00 pm

2009 FIBA Asia Championship Semifinal Game 1 Live @ 4PM (replay at 11:59PM); RPN Channel 9 or BTV

Liveblogging FIBA-Asia – RP vs. Jordan

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

RP vs. Jordan (FIBA-Asia) (08/14/2009) 
1:53 Good afternoon everyone. Welcome to my liveblog session of the RP vs. Jordan game in FIBA-Asia.
1:54 As you all know now, RP needs to win this to continue on to the semifinals.
1:54 RP and Jordan had previously met in RP’s first ever game in the Jones Cup, losing by 30 pts.
1:55 that was the very first game however, so things may have changed by now after our team has been playing for a while.
1:55 National anthem being played for Jordan.
1:55 [Comment From spectator00]
hi. tnx 4 this liveblog
1:55 Previous to that, national anthem for RP. Shootaraound now.
1:56 [Comment From mahmoud]
go jordan!!!
1:56 wow a Jordanian. Welcome!
1:57 we are a few mins away.
1:57 [Comment From mahmoud]
little people , no way !!!
1:58 [Comment From Baby James]
Gudluck Daddy
1:58 [Comment From bong solomon]
Go noypees! Mabuhay ang RP Team
1:58 thanks so much to jen, my partner in http://mom.exchange.ph, for allowing me to use her home to liveblog this. my pldt dsl connection is horrible.
1:58 [Comment From Renmark Rejano]
this is it!
1:58 [Comment From spectator00]
put Dillinger or Santos on Wright
1:59 [Comment From mahmoud]
jordan beat ur ass
1:59 still a few mins away
1:59 [Comment From mahmoud]
go jordan!!!
1:59 [Comment From Baby James]
Go for the win… Mama Kris and Cory supports you
1:59 ok here we go.
2:00 tip off to start anytime now
2:00 tip off!
2:00 officials call rejump, rp gets 1st poss.
2:01 dillinger drive miss
2:01 thoss putback scores
2:01 thoss called for blocking foul on rasheem wright #5
2:01 [Comment From mahmoud]
jordan wins !!! 200-59
2:01 [Comment From go pilipinas]
hope maupset nten ang jordan.. go phils
2:01 rp called for another foul
2:02 jor scores
2:02 #15 forces jump, possession arrow goes to jor
2:02 2 all
2:02 [Comment From mahmoud]
foul them out !! !
2:02 wright strong move, scores againg baguio
2:03 [Comment From go pilipinas]
defense mch key wright po double team n…
2:03 #10 called for foul on baguio
2:03 thoss miss j
2:03 #14 miss 3
2:03 #4 rebound, fouled by helterbrand
2:04 #6 sorry, he goes to fts.
2:04 #6 sinks 0 of 2 ft
2:04 4-2 jor
2:04 helterb miss 3
2:05 #15 fouls asi
2:05 [Comment From spectator00]
2 fouls kaagad, anu b yan..
2:05 helterb miss 3
2:05 jor miss 3
2:05 helterb miss 3
2:05 rp retains possession
2:05 [Comment From Baby James]
ano ba yan
2:05 [Comment From analysis pt og view]
wers ren2x and jimmy???
2:05 [Comment From Baby James]
go for high percentage shot
2:06 [Comment From Baby James]
better to penetrate the pait
2:06 baguio turns it over
2:06 #5 all alone drive scores
2:06 baguio being 2x teamed
2:06 dillinger scores 3
2:06 [Comment From Baby James]
where’s my Daddy?
2:06 [Comment From fil-jordanian]
go pilipinas!
2:07 #6 scores baseline j
2:07 8-5 jor
2:07 asi great roll after pick, scores, fouled
2:07 asi scores 1 of 1 ft
2:07 jor miss, putback scores
2:08 5:21 left in q1
2:08 10-8 jor
2:08 asi miss j
2:08 jor miss j
2:08 dillinger miss 3
2:08 #5 scores on fbreak
2:08 12-9 jor
2:08 4:27 left q1
2:09 helterb miss j
2:09 jor miss 3
2:09 jor off. reb
2:09 jor sinks putback after miss
2:09 14-8 jor
2:10 dillinger fouled on drive #6
2:10 [Comment From Guest]
big d PO DAPAT
2:10 [Comment From fil-jordanian]
2:10 [Comment From Baby James]
i’f I were coach yeng, i will tell his boys to penetrate the paint to open up the shooters outside
2:10 [Comment From KAYA YAN PILIPINAS]
kunin naten 2 phils. DEFENSE MCH
2:10 [Comment From fil-jordanian]
why all on asi is asi the pils?
2:10 rp timeout
2:10 [Comment From Baby James]
put Kerby on the floor
2:10 [Comment From KAYA YAN PILIPINAS]
2:10 [Comment From Guest]
2:11 racist comments will be automatically blocked, thank you.
2:11 [Comment From chikitito]
Cory Cory Cory!!!!!
2:11 [Comment From mahmoud]
jordan wins
2:11 were back
2:11 dillinger will shoot fts.
2:11 dillinger sinks 1 of 2 fts
2:12 14-9 jor
2:12 #5 miss 3
2:12 miller travels
2:12 jor turns it over
2:12 [Comment From Guest]
2:12 [Comment From Guest]
kaya yan..Go Pinas
2:13 raymundo sinks 3
2:13 14-12 jor
2:13 #15 drive against raymundo, scores, fouled
2:14 #15 sinks 1 of 1 fts
2:14 yap sinks 3
2:14 [Comment From chikitito]
avoid turnovers please!!!
2:14 [Comment From Baby James]
go kerby
2:14 [Comment From chikitito]
2:14 [Comment From Guest]
2:14 jor miss 3
2:14 late whistle on raymundo called for foul on box out
2:15 rp in penalty
2:15 [Comment From Baby James]
payback time kerby and arwind
2:15 [Comment From KAYA YAN PILIPINAS]
2:15 [Comment From Guest]
go pinas…kaya natin to
2:15 [Comment From KAYA YAN PILIPINAS]
2:15 [Comment From kababayan]
2:15 #13 sinks 2 of 2 fts
2:15 19-15 jor
2:15 yap miss 3
2:15 1:15 left in q1
2:15 #5 miss layup
2:16 #15 drive, fouled by pennisi, will shoot fts
2:16 #15 sinks 1 of 2 fts
2:16 20-15 jor
2:16 miller miss layup
2:17 :37 left in q1
2:17 #15 turns it over
2:17 norwood fbreak, scores
2:17 norwood fouled
2:17 norwood sinks 1 of 1 ft
2:17 20-17 jor
2:18 last play
2:18 jor miss 3
2:18 jor gets off reb, sinks j
2:18 22-17 jor
2:18 end of q1
2:18 [Comment From Baby James]
go daddy
2:18 [Comment From Luis LLanera]
GUys kaya yan
2:18 [Comment From sjcs]
hello, do or die ba tayo?
2:18 [Comment From Baby James]
hay naku
2:18 [Comment From Baby James]
lay up na mintis pa
2:18 [Comment From chikitito]
keep it close!!!
2:18 [Comment From whilce]
where you watching ?
2:18 [Comment From chikitito]
22-18 ang score oi!
2:19 22-18 jor
2:19 correction
2:19 [Comment From jojo]
san k makakapanuod ng live game
2:19 [Comment From jojo]
2:19 [Comment From chikitito]
thats good!
2:19 [Comment From jojo]
any web site
2:19 [Comment From Baby James]
channel 9
2:20 [Comment From Baby James]
channel 9 live
2:20 [Comment From spectator00]
not bad. keep it close
2:20 were back
2:20 rp possession
2:20 kerby drive, loses ball, turns it over
2:20 score is 22-17 sorry
2:21 pennisi sinks 3
2:21 22-20 jor
2:21 rp forces turnover
2:21 norwood miss j
2:21 jor miss 3
2:22 pennisi sinks 3
2:22 22-23 jor
2:22 jor miss 3
2:22 yap miss 3
2:22 [Comment From chikitito]
sa china po ung live game=)
2:22 [Comment From jojo]
wala ba sa internet
2:22 [Comment From jhun]
wala ba live streaming nasa ofc eh
2:22 [Comment From Cory Aquino]
Go James Yap..
2:23 norwood called for foul
2:23 [Comment From chikitito]
2:23 [Comment From chikitito]
phi lead 22-23
2:23 jor miss 3
2:23 norwood drive miss, is fouled, will go to fts
2:23 [Comment From Baby James]
2:23 [Comment From marklaren]
22-23 RP
2:24 jor timeout
2:24 [Comment From Baby James]
2:24 [Comment From Baby James]
live game
2:24 [Comment From jojo]
wala talagan live streaming ???
2:24 [Comment From Guest]
GO RP Team
2:24 [Comment From james]
2:24 [Comment From Reggie]
binabati ko ung mga JGC n nanonood ngaun!
2:24 [Comment From Cory Aquino]
Go Go Go
2:24 [Comment From Kris]
Go James Go
2:25 norwood will shoot fts
2:25 norwood sinks 1 of 2 fts
2:25 22-24 rp
2:25 jor 0-9 from 3p
2:25 #15 sinks tip in off miss
2:25 kerby miss j
2:26 5 miss 3
2:26 jor keeps poss
2:26 kerby has 2 fouls
2:26 handcheck called on miller
2:26 [Comment From marklaren]
meron ba live streaming?
2:27 [Comment From spectator00]
pre, naka-zone ba sila? bat sa labas yata tumutira ang jordan?
2:27 24 all
2:27 jor sinks 3
2:27 6:04 left in q2
2:27 pennis miss 3
2:27 jor turns it over on fbreak
2:27 [Comment From marklaren]
dapat perfect sa FTs
2:27 [Comment From marklaren]
Go RP!!!
2:27 [Comment From Cory Aquino]
Hi Kris
2:28 rp poss
2:28 miller sinks 3
2:28 jor miss 3, tipped in scores 2 pts
2:28 rp turns it over
2:28 30-27 jor
2:28 jor sinks 3
2:29 #15
2:29 yap miss j
2:29 #5 miss fbreak
2:29 yap miss 3
2:29 33-27 jor
2:29 #15 miss 3
2:29 miller miss 3
2:30 norwood last touch, rp turns it over
2:30 [Comment From Mr Crab]
Sure Ball RP…
2:30 [Comment From Luis]
Concentrate lang guys.
2:30 [Comment From Guest]
2:30 stop asking for scores please, i will update as needed.
2:30 3:50 left in q2
2:30 jor strong move but defended well by thoss
2:31 baguio turns it over on arwind pass
2:31 guiao screaming from the sidelines.
2:31 3:27 left in q2
2:31 rp team playing well so far, inspite of occasional errors.
2:31 looking more fluid, while jor isn’t shooting 3s and is playing individually.
2:31 rp defense good, jor turns it over.
2:32 santos miss 3
2:32 jor poss
2:32 2:55 left in q2
2:32 rp fouls #10, goes to fts
2:33 #10 sinks 1 of 2 fts
2:33 34-27 jor
2:33 baguio miss 3
2:33 #15 sinks 3
2:33 37-27 jor
2:33 2:15 left q2
2:33 helterb sinks j
2:34 jor possession
2:34 [Comment From Cory Aquino]
james wag kang 22log 2log kung hindi mumultuhin kita..
2:34 [Comment From jojo]
2:34 jor another off reb off miss
2:34 #8 sinks 3
2:34 #9 rather
2:34 #7 fouls baguio on cut
2:35 baguio is a marked man
2:35 asi turns it over on drive
2:35 #15 converts on fbreak
2:35 42-29 jor
2:35 helt miss j
2:36 asi gets putback
2:36 42-31 jor
2:36 :31 left in q2
2:36 #6 pumpfakes, scores, goes to ft is fouled
2:36 #6 sinks 1 of 1
2:36 45-31 jor
2:36 :15 left
2:37 baguio fouled by #5
2:37 #5 called for unsportsmanlike
2:37 baguio goes to fts
2:37 baguio sinks 2 of 2 fts
2:38 helt heave, miss
2:38 45-33 jor
2:38 end of q2
2:38 [Comment From guiao]
parang matalo tayo ayoko na
2:38 [Comment From MJ]
Arwind santos choker
2:38 [Comment From Reggie]
wag kaung mg away
2:38 [Comment From Cory Aquino]
kinakabahan na naman kayo..
2:38 [Comment From Mr Crab]
avoid foul.. play good defense
2:38 [Comment From guiao]
wala na akong boses
2:38 [Comment From Guest]
2:38 [Comment From diego papa]
nsan comment ko
2:38 [Comment From jojo]
stick on the game, later comment please
2:38 [Comment From spectator00]
who’s guarding wright?
2:39 [Comment From tsoy]
describe mo naman ang game d ung puro score lang
2:39 [Comment From Nike_Freak]
Phils shooting too much 3’s. Need more penetration. Turnover and fouls will cost them in the end…
2:39 [Comment From jhun]
ilabas si santos!!!!
2:39 [Comment From Mr Crab]
naman.. puro miss na RP ah
2:39 [Comment From MJ]
Puro tres na binibitawan ng Pinas ah.. Hindi makaporma sa loob. Tsk tsk
2:39 [Comment From MJ]
2:39 [Comment From Mr Crab]
all out RP!!!!
2:39 [Comment From sarhento]
100-20 rp
2:39 [Comment From Mr Crab]
damn.. jor 3s is sinking while phi is missing????
2:39 [Comment From sarhento]
2:39 [Comment From Mr Crab]
wow naman.. tambak na RP…
2:39 [Comment From Cory Aquino]
puro turnover na kayo..
2:39 [Comment From Guest]
tambak ha
2:39 [Comment From myke]
score please
2:39 [Comment From marklaren]
Go Baguio!!!!
2:39 [Comment From Mr Crab]
astig….. respected talaga c baguio
2:40 [Comment From Cory Aquino]
Hi Baby James
2:40 [Comment From Fernando jose]
nakita nyo b si rosalinda??
2:40 [Comment From yotot]
wala bang live online now
2:40 [Comment From bong solomon]
muntik na mahuli ni boss. Go pinas
2:40 [Comment From myke]
kailangan ng tres para bumukas ang depensa sa loob
2:40 [Comment From tsoy]
sinong santos
2:40 [Comment From oyama]
tama na yan trabaho na tayo
2:40 [Comment From sarhento]
2:40 [Comment From abu malik]
go jordan go
2:40 [Comment From marklaren]
vilma santos
2:41 [Comment From wolfie]
magdasal taya para sa magandang shooting ds 2nd half
2:41 [Comment From Luis]
babawi ang RP…..
2:41 [Comment From abdul jakol tikol]
go jawo go
2:42 [Comment From MECH@NICAL-X]
2:42 [Comment From myke]
tama, we need those 3’s, masyadong malaki ang kalaban
2:43 [Comment From kababayan]
may chance pa yan.. go philippines
2:43 [Comment From kobe]
khayah pah yhan nhang phinoy!!!!!
2:44 3rd quarter will start in a few mins.
2:45 [Comment From Luis]
adjustments lang kailangan.
2:46 [Comment From Guest]
dfend the lanes
2:46 [Comment From Guest]
if kaya..choose higher percentage shots
2:46 [Comment From Guest]
wag ipilit maxaod ang tres..pag di open
2:47 [Comment From Guest]
go jordan
2:47 [Comment From denis guiang]
latest score of phils vs jordan
2:47 [Comment From myke]
Guest> tama ka
2:47 [Comment From Guest]
Just BELIEVE.. kaya natin TO!
2:47 [Comment From a.g]
1st 5. caidic,patrimonio,paras,samboy,magsanoc(2nd placer)
2:47 [Comment From danny]
what is.the score
2:48 edaez, #15 scored 18 in the 1st half.
2:48 ok here we go
2:48 rp possession
2:48 jor turns it over
2:49 rp poss
2:49 dillinger sinks 3
2:49 45-36 jor
2:49 dillinger is leading rp scorer, 3 pts
2:49 #5 scores 3
2:50 kerby fouled by #6, his 3rd foul. he is the strong off. rebounder from jor
2:50 yap miss 3
2:50 48-36 jor
2:50 jor miss 3
2:51 kerby creates, miss.
2:51 kerby is really off. he had a good shot but missed.
2:51 asi to ft line
2:51 [Comment From kababayan]
9 na lang
2:51 [Comment From danSeigle]
hays..Let’s pray.. MAGKAISA
2:51 [Comment From Reggie]
dapat my play kau
2:51 [Comment From Guest]
2:51 asi sinks 2 of 2 fts.
2:51 48-38 jor
2:51 jor miss j
2:52 miller strong move, scores
2:52 7:38 left in q3
2:52 #5 sinks 3
2:52 kerby miss layup
2:52 jor sinks easy layup, lucky break for us
2:53 kerby miss 3
2:53 #5 miss 3
2:53 asi strong move, miss layup
2:53 yap called for foul on #5
2:53 #5 to ft line.
2:53 [Comment From John Knight]
2:54 [Comment From Kris]
James tama na muna tira ng 3, la naman pumapasok
2:54 [Comment From denis guiang]
go phils.
2:54 #5 sinks fts
2:54 53-40 jor
2:54 jor miss
2:54 kerby miss 3
2:55 #15 scores on great pick and roll
2:55 jor given a warning for holding on ball
2:55 jor 15 pt lead
2:55 yap turns it over
2:55 jor miss
2:55 pennisi good block
2:55 miller fouled by #9 on drive
2:56 55-40 jor
2:56 miller fouled by #15
2:56 yap sinks 3
2:56 55-43 jor
2:57 #7 gets away from yap d.
2:57 scores
2:57 4:36 left in q3
2:57 #15 fouls dillinger.
2:57 jor now in penalty
2:57 #15 made to sit, he has been doing damage, 20 pts in 1st half.
2:58 dillinger to ft line
2:58 [Comment From John Knight]
Perimeter D!!! Step it up!!!
2:58 dillinger sinks 2 of 2
2:58 #5 miss 3
2:58 #10 miss 3
2:59 miller almost turns it over, but is fouled.
2:59 [Comment From Mr Crab]
jor sinks easy layup, lucky break for us?????
2:59 [Comment From Guest]
ano score na?
2:59 [Comment From Luis]
Yap is not a good defenfer, naiiwan sya ng binabantayan nya.
2:59 [Comment From Guest]
anya score?
2:59 miller goes to fts
2:59 [Comment From myke]
talo na tayo
2:59 [Comment From ryanlu]
bkt ba pinipilit c raymundo…. e since nagstart un fiba e pangit na ung laro nya e!!
2:59 [Comment From Guest]
3:00 [Comment From jess]
lamang jordan?
3:00 miller sinks 1 of 2 fts
3:00 jor possession
3:00 #5 fouled by baguio
3:00 [Comment From danny]
cno mkakalaban natin if we defeat jordan
3:00 [Comment From Luis]
Palitan na si kirby.
3:00 [Comment From julius]
ilabas kerby malas
3:00 #5 sinks j over miller
3:01 rp turns it over
3:01 jor miss
3:01 miller spins, scores on open court
3:01 59-48 jor
3:01 2:55 left in q3
3:01 [Comment From kababayan]
5 tres lang yan
3:02 jor turns it over
3:02 helterb miss 3
3:02 helterb miss j
3:02 jor turns it over on halfcourt line
3:02 [Comment From myke]
hindi dapat lumamang ng more than 10pts ang jordan going to the fourth mahihirapan tayo humabol
3:02 [Comment From ryanlu]
anu byan lalong lumlaki ung lamang….
3:02 [Comment From MECH@NICAL-X]
laki na lamang ng JORDAN… Im still hoping and praying na manalo ang RP-TEAM. Let’s pray for our team
3:02 jor timeout
3:02 [Comment From kababayan]
yipee for the three
3:02 [Comment From ryanlu]
12 na lang…
3:02 [Comment From ryanlu]
kaya pa yan… 3rd quarter pa lang nmn e…
3:02 [Comment From kababayan]
its time to drive for the basket
3:03 [Comment From miller]
how can i watch the game?
3:03 [Comment From ryanlu]
yes they need to extend their defense sa perimeter…
3:03 [Comment From Rommel]
Back here monitoring at home
3:03 [Comment From jdm123]
go philippines
3:03 [Comment From Guest]
bakit dimakita ung laro..
3:03 [Comment From Mr Crab]
score dude??
3:03 [Comment From jess]
ndi yan
3:03 [Comment From Rommel]
Go Team RP
3:03 [Comment From Guest]
3:03 [Comment From Guest]
kerby wag ka na!!!!
3:03 [Comment From junc]
wala tayo depensa
3:03 [Comment From jdm123]
3:03 ok were back, too many comments to approve.
3:03 59-48 jor
3:04 dillinger sorry miss, baguio sinks putback
3:04 1:51 left in q3
3:04 #13 strong drive, scores, fouled by asi
3:04 [Comment From chopper]
score pls
3:04 [Comment From Guest]
kaya pa yan
3:04 [Comment From RP]
kaya pa yan.. 1 more quarter pa..
3:05 [Comment From junc]
wag pilitin yung 3
3:05 sinks 1 of 1 ft
3:05 #6 called for foul, his 4th.
3:05 important foul for us, he’s one of their scorers.
3:05 [Comment From chopper]
3:05 [Comment From chuck]
go pinas!!!!!!!!!!!
3:06 raymundo was the one fouled, will shoot fts
3:06 [Comment From MECH@NICAL-X]
Let’s pray for our team
3:06 [Comment From chopper]
ano na ba lastest? its just 12 points ryt?
3:06 kerby sinks 1 of 2 fts
3:06 62-41 jor
3:06 1:10 left in q3
3:06 #7 scores j
3:07 [Comment From jdm123]
score po?
3:07 [Comment From Reggie]
baby james? hansel kaw b yan?
3:07 baguio hangtime move miss
3:07 #11 miss 3
3:07 dillinger fouled by #5
3:07 bad foul by #5, they are in penalty.
3:07 [Comment From chopper]
go RP
3:07 [Comment From dj whacky]
how can we watch the game..
3:07 [Comment From danSeigle]
asa opis kame..asa lang sa Live blog na to
3:07 [Comment From chopper]
go RP
3:08 dilinger sinks 1 of 2 fts
3:08 [Comment From chuck]
Go RP Team!!!!!!!!
3:08 jor to go for last shot q3
3:08 jor sinks 3
3:08 rp heave miss
3:09 15 pt lead jor
3:09 end of q3
3:09 [Comment From raiyh]
kaya pa yan
3:09 [Comment From mark]
pano ba panoorin ang laro na yan bro
3:09 [Comment From RPTEAM]
GO RP TEAM.. kaya pa yan..
3:09 [Comment From danSeigle]
3:09 [Comment From chopper]
kill kerby #$%@^&!!!’
3:09 [Comment From Guest]
ano score bro?
3:09 [Comment From raiyh]
11 lang pala
3:09 [Comment From chopper]
still 59-48?
3:09 [Comment From RPTEAM]
Stop posting peeps.. nagfflood..
3:09 [Comment From miller]
san ba pwede manood?
3:09 [Comment From ryanlu]
mahina kc ung line-up ng rp ngaun… tps not 100 percent pa c helterbrand..:-(
3:09 [Comment From chopper]
whew this is intense
3:10 [Comment From junc]
gumaganda na laro
3:10 [Comment From rey]
3:10 [Comment From jdm123]
score n whose possession yung ball?
3:10 [Comment From rey]
score bro
3:10 [Comment From Guest]
3:10 [Comment From rey]
anu na?
3:10 [Comment From jdm123]
they more need points n d paint…
3:10 [Comment From chopper]
then its 60-49?
3:10 [Comment From kobe]
laban lang
3:10 [Comment From chopper]
1 na lang
3:10 [Comment From Guest]
what’s the score
3:10 [Comment From kobe]
3:10 [Comment From Nike_Freak]
Keep pushing the ball…time is running out!
3:10 [Comment From raiyh]
tama ba score?
3:10 [Comment From jdm123]
score po…
3:10 [Comment From Guest]
62-51 jor
3:10 [Comment From ryanlu]
62-41 is that right?
3:11 ok were back, still too many comments to approve.
3:11 start of q4
3:11 #5 miss 3
3:11 rp poss
3:11 baguio sinks 3
3:11 67-55 jor
3:12 jor miss 3
3:12 baguio miss corner 3
3:12 heltber miss 3
3:12 ball goes out of bounds
3:12 67-55 jor
3:13 big rebounding battle jor
3:13 possession arrow goes to jor
3:13 #5 strong move, miss
3:13 jor retains poss on foul
3:13 #5 miss 3
3:14 thoss last touch though, jor retains poss
3:14 #8 strong move, fouled by baguio, will go to ft
3:15 sinks 0 of 2 fts
3:15 rp down by 12
3:15 norwood misses putback slam
3:15 rp retains possession
3:15 norwood sinks 3
3:15 67-58 jor
3:16 7:08 left
3:16 #6 fouled on drive, goes to fts
3:16 [Comment From raiyh]
e umaatrasa ta score natin ah
3:16 [Comment From jdm123]
ilang minutes nlng?
3:16 [Comment From marklaren]
3:16 [Comment From Guest]
ano na po score?
3:16 [Comment From chikitito]
21 pts lead na ba to?
3:16 [Comment From kobe]
3:17 #6 sinks 1 of 2 fts
3:17 jor retains poss
3:17 #5 drive miss
3:17 miller gets ball
3:17 #14 fouls miller
3:17 [Comment From Luis]
Malas talaga, pati sa free thows
3:17 [Comment From marklaren]
laging 1 of 2
3:17 [Comment From darwin]
what quarter now
3:18 68-58 jor
3:18 norwood sinks 3
3:18 [Comment From marklaren]
score please
3:18 7 pt lead jor
3:18 miller gets ball
3:18 baguio breakaway, scores
3:18 rp behind by 5 na lang po
3:18 jor timeout
3:18 [Comment From jdm123]
ano ba yan…
3:18 [Comment From chuck]
3:19 [Comment From jheng]
go RP kaya pa yan
3:19 [Comment From Luis]
Last quarter, this is it na guys!
3:19 [Comment From kobe]
ayawan na
3:19 [Comment From darwin]
still have chance pa pala,come on guys,u can make it
3:19 [Comment From kobe]
3:19 [Comment From Guest]
3:19 [Comment From Guest]
lamang na team pilipinas yes!!!!
3:19 [Comment From Guest]
laban lang
3:19 [Comment From jheng]
kaya yan mga kapatid…manalig tayo
3:19 [Comment From Guest]
3:19 [Comment From Guest]
64-52 na
3:19 [Comment From mark]
bro pano ba panoorin yan sa internet
3:19 [Comment From chopper]
no its 62-51
3:19 [Comment From kobe]
score sa 3rd q
3:19 ok were back
3:20 6:50 left in q4
3:20 5:50 i meant
3:20 jor miss, #5 puts it back scores
3:20 [Comment From Dhin]
ibangko si Kerby
3:20 [Comment From Guest]
3:20 #5 misses ft
3:20 rp poss
3:21 miller turns it over, bad pass
3:21 #8 miss 3
3:21 #9 strong baseline drive scores
3:21 back to 9 pt lead
3:22 #15 called for foul, he fouls out. good development for us.
3:22 he fouled norwood
3:22 [Comment From MECH@NICAL-X]
Go RP-TEAM… cheer up! God will guide us
3:22 [Comment From chaky]
where to watch the game live?
3:22 #15 leaves game with 20 pts
3:22 pennisi miss 3
3:23 #6 abbas strong drive, fouled by kerby
3:23 #6 goes to ft line
3:23 [Comment From marklaren]
galing baguio!!!
3:23 [Comment From Luis]
nice start.
3:23 [Comment From rey]
may chance p b?
3:23 [Comment From rey]
3:23 #6 sinks 1 of 2
3:23 73-63 jor
3:23 4:00 left in game
3:24 kerby miss 3
3:24 [Comment From marklaren]
kapit bayan!!!
3:24 [Comment From chaky]
sana manalo rp team ngayon at d lang puro porma
3:24 #6 drive, miss
3:24 jor retains possession, miller touch last
3:24 jor sinks 3
3:24 3:18 left, 12 pt lead jor
3:25 norwood fouled, scores
3:25 #9 fouls him
3:25 [Comment From chopper]
12 point lead again i hope the jordan scorrer gets fouled out
3:25 [Comment From rey]
go team pinasssssss
3:25 [Comment From Nike_Freak]
Penetrate…stop shooting 3s. Got to get them in the penalty!
3:25 [Comment From Guest]
ano oras na
3:25 norwood miss ft
3:25 rp turns it over
3:25 guiao frustrated at fts
3:25 3:00 left in game
3:26 #9 drive, miss fouled by yap
3:26 #9 sinks 2 of 2
3:26 miller strong drive scores
3:26 10 pt lead 2:40 left
3:27 norwood great block on #9
3:27 miller miss 3
3:27 yap miss 3
3:27 norwood is a rebounding machine
3:27 kerby called for 3 secs
3:27 77-67 jor
3:27 2:00 left
3:28 #5 scores j
3:28 pennisi miss j
3:28 jordan gets reb
3:28 79-67 jor
3:28 norwood fouls #5
3:28 #5 goes to ft line
3:28 #5 now has 20+ pts
3:29 #5 sinks 1 of 2
3:29 [Comment From darwin]
score pls.
3:29 [Comment From Nike_Freak]
Rebound the ball…
3:29 [Comment From rey]
habollllll tayo…..
3:29 [Comment From marklaren]
3:29 rp poss
3:29 yap miss 3
3:29 1:05 left in q4
3:29 [Comment From kobe]
time out nagkakalat na
3:29 [Comment From Guest]
ano na po score?
3:29 [Comment From jheng]
3:29 [Comment From SONIX]
3:29 [Comment From Rommel]
go team
3:29 [Comment From grrr]
68 – 58 jor leading. 4th q
3:30 [Comment From kobe]
3:30 [Comment From jheng]
pray tyo teh,it works
3:30 [Comment From Guest]
nalilito ako…cno lamang? ano scrore?
3:30 #11 was fouled, sinks 0 of 2 fts
3:30 pennisi sinks 3
3:30 81-70 jor
3:31 36 secs left
3:31 jor turnover
3:31 pennisi miss 3
3:31 rp not pressing
3:31 this looks gone
3:31 81-70 jor
3:31 final
3:31 will try to approve comments now
3:31 [Comment From Luis]
go Gabe Norwood!
3:31 [Comment From kobe]
3:31 [Comment From Guest]
3:31 [Comment From darwin]
ok konti na lng
3:32 [Comment From kobe]
3:32 [Comment From marklaren]
baguio parang energizer bunny
3:32 [Comment From SONIX]
3:32 [Comment From jake]
ilang min
3:32 [Comment From chopper]
oh oh the lead is narrowing
3:32 [Comment From jheng]
3:32 [Comment From Rommel]
Eto na Go team
3:32 [Comment From Luis]
Yan Guys.diretso na.
3:32 [Comment From chuck]
yahooooooo!!! go team pinas!!! habol habol!!!
3:32 [Comment From kobe]
3:32 [Comment From MJ]
3:32 [Comment From marklaren]
kapit pilipinas!!!!
3:32 [Comment From schumalex]
go powerade!!!!!
3:32 [Comment From chopper]
3:32 [Comment From kobe]
kapit kamy
3:33 [Comment From jess]
go go go
3:33 [Comment From Nike_Freak]
Keep running…put pressure on their D!
3:33 [Comment From Mr Crab]
3:33 [Comment From Yap]
Update pls
3:33 [Comment From MJ]
3:33 still a ton of comments.
3:33 anyway, thank you very much for joining my liveblog session today.
3:33 RP played as well as it could, I think, for a team that’s only been together a few months.
3:33 [Comment From miller]
go pinas
3:34 [Comment From Guest]
3:34 [Comment From Yap]
68-58 na sa fiba site eh
3:34 [Comment From Guest]
3:34 [Comment From Guest]
3:34 [Comment From ODO]
3:34 [Comment From Yap]
3:34 [Comment From Yap]
points n lng mga tol
3:34 [Comment From Rommel]
Miller time
3:34 [Comment From Ryan]
3:34 [Comment From darwin]
score pls
3:34 [Comment From chaky]
mas mabuti pa c alapag kay miller
3:34 [Comment From Guest]
3:34 [Comment From chopper]
3:34 [Comment From Yap]
3:34 [Comment From miller]
may pag-asa pa
3:34 [Comment From jheng]
ang hirap pumasok sa live streaming but u can watch on cs9 live din
3:34 [Comment From miller]
kaya pa yan
3:35 [Comment From jdm123]
score n mins left?
3:35 [Comment From kerby]
palabasin nyo na ako…
3:35 [Comment From Guest]
minutes remaining
3:35 [Comment From chaky]
mbes c bagiou c honiveros
3:35 [Comment From sjcs]
thx guys for feeding this…awesome!
3:35 [Comment From ODO]
3:35 [Comment From james]
we might lost
3:35 [Comment From james]
3:35 [Comment From james]
3:35 [Comment From james]
3:35 [Comment From james]
3:35 [Comment From james]
3:35 [Comment From spectator00]
tang-inang kerby yan! bat nsa loob p yan!?
3:35 [Comment From sjcs]
sa loob penalty kalaban
3:35 [Comment From samboy]
hmmmm……. bakit puro tres tinitira ni Kerby
3:35 [Comment From james]
3:35 [Comment From james]
3:36 [Comment From Guest]
3:36 [Comment From james]
3:36 [Comment From schumalex]
labo naman!!
3:36 [Comment From Ryan]
go team
3:36 [Comment From Mr Crab]
I think PHIL will loose now…
3:36 [Comment From Ryan]
kaya pa yan
3:36 [Comment From jheng]
3:36 [Comment From Mr Crab]
Its fine.. keep your heads up RP team… even if you loose… you did a great job..
3:36 [Comment From marklaren]
3:36 [Comment From Luis]
ay naku kerby!
3:36 [Comment From kobe]
3:36 [Comment From jake]
major problem talga ng pinoy ang freethrow
3:36 [Comment From sponge bob]
its over mga kababayan ko
3:36 [Comment From sponge bob]
no chance at all
3:36 [Comment From RT]
3:36 [Comment From RPTEAM]
wla na talo na yan.. 13pts lamang ng jordan
3:36 [Comment From darwin]
uwian na.ala talaga
3:36 [Comment From Guest]
score po
3:37 [Comment From sponge bob]
kya p yn..mey fifth q p db???
3:37 [Comment From Guest]
waaaaaa tres ng tres
3:37 [Comment From kababayan]
iba na ang matangkad….
3:37 [Comment From mao]
ilan minutes nlng po?
3:37 [Comment From james]
dats it no more chance
3:37 [Comment From sjcs]
wala na ito
3:37 [Comment From marklaren]
good effort!!!
3:37 [Comment From mao]
byebye RP
3:37 [Comment From sponge bob]
qatar vs phil n 2=qq
3:37 [Comment From Guest]
3:37 [Comment From kobe]
salamat dre
3:37 [Comment From ODO]
3:37 [Comment From kababayan]
i hope they did thier best… nice going phil. team
3:38 [Comment From Guest]
3:38 [Comment From jdm123]
point n d paint sa na!
3:38 [Comment From Guest]
its over
3:38 [Comment From Guest]
haaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……. – crom
3:38 [Comment From jdm123]
wer dead..
3:38 [Comment From Renmark Rejano]
bilib pa rin ko team pilipinas! natalo man tayo lumaban naman tayo
3:38 [Comment From ODO]
3:38 [Comment From jimmy m]
gud luck phils
3:38 [Comment From Guest]
ilang oras na n score
3:38 [Comment From Reggie]
3:38 [Comment From Reggie]
3:38 norwood topscores with 11 pts, yap had 7 rebs
3:38 [Comment From Renmark Rejano]
galing ni norwood idol!
3:39 [Comment From camote]
sir ballex bat wla kau ng live streaming? puro blog lng?
3:39 [Comment From Renmark Rejano]
di pinaglaro c japeth
3:39 [Comment From Renmark Rejano]
team natin!
3:39 [Comment From egoi]
badtrippp! talo n nman! yeng guiao, RETIRE!!!!!!!!!
3:39 [Comment From Guest]
3:39 [Comment From Guest]
3:39 [Comment From ryanlu]
what are the chances now for team pilinas after we lost in jordan?…
3:39 [Comment From Dillinger]
3:39 [Comment From Guest]
Tres ng Tres si Kerby. Turnover pa..tsk tsk….
3:39 [Comment From james]
kudos rp team… at least you do better this time… your improving
3:39 [Comment From kababayan]
nga pala thank you gary mercado.. next time ang pizza mo…
3:39 [Comment From Dillinger]
whats the score
3:39 [Comment From jdm123]
so, wat will happen 2 team pinas ngayon?
3:40 finally all comments are approved.
3:40 thanks so much again for joining me.
3:40 thanks especially to jen of http://mom.exchange.ph, for letting me use her sky dsl account. our dsl at home wasn’t working.
3:41 i’m still impressed at our team for what they did. Inspite of it all, they are still the best team in the world to me.
3:42 I’m going to close this down now. Thanks again! I’m not sure if I can liveblog the coming games esp. the ADMU-DLSU game, again due to pldt dsl slowdown.
3:42 Thank you! Have a great weekend!
3:42 [Comment From Guest]
pasawak na KERBY
3:42 [Comment From Dillinger]
thanks for watching
3:42 [Comment From Dillinger]
whats the final score
3:42 [Comment From jdm123]
tak2x na cla sa standings?
3:42 [Comment From Renmark Rejano]
next time bawi tayo! maganda future team natin. marami tayo mga mahuhusay na mga batang players, jan c ryan reyes, joe devance, sol mercado, smart gilas team, japeth, dillinger, norwood tska makalaro na cguro c williams, tska marami pa rookies na me potential kya abangan ang susunod na kabanata!
3:42 [Comment From nardong putik]
ano score??
3:43 [Comment From nardong putik]


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August 14, 2009
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2009 FIBA Asia Championship Quarterfinal Game: Qatar vs. Iran Live @ 4PM (replay at 11:59PM)

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