A few years back I was looking for an apartment or some place to rent for a few months until I got married and we’d be able to move in together. Since I’d be living alone I had low standards. As long as it was decent, had internet connection and rent was cheap it was interesting to me. I eventually ended up at Sta. Rosa but at the time I was seriously thinking of Cubao. Yes Cubao. It might not be safe to be outside in the evenings and traffic often kept the place in a perpetual smog, but it was near Araneta, and I thought: wouldn’t it be great to be walking distance to where I could just come over over and watch concerts, and yes, the PBA?

Well believe it or not that dream turns out not too far from coming true. Check this out:

That humongous building is the unfortunately named ‘Arena’, in typical SM fashion, named in as blasé and unoriginal a manner as possible. These are after all the people who can’t be bothered to give their buildings creative names and so resort to calling them Bldg. A, Bldg. B etc.

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