NBA Playoffs 2010 1st Round: Orlando Magic @ Charlotte Bobcats Game 4


NBA Playoffs 1st Round: Orlando Magic at Charlotte Bobcats Game 4 Live @ 8AM

NBA Playoffs 1st Round: Portland Trail Blazers at Phoenix Suns Game 5 Live @ 10:30AM

Magic Dismantle Bobcats 92-77, Lead Series


You gotta hand it to Orlando’s tried and tested ‘dump the ball to Howard then pass it to perimeter shooters if he gets double – teamed‘ play. It nearly got them a Championship and now it’s proving to be effective even with personnel changes a year later.The question is though, is whether it can withstand Dwight Howard‘s volcanic temperament.

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Hawks Breeze By Bucks to 2-0


I’ve always liked John Salmons. In the 7 game Bulls – Celtics first round 08-09 playoff season he matched up against Paul Pierce and took it to him. He’s no superstar. That role was filled by Ben Gordon and Derrick Rose. But there was no denying what he could do and it was exciting. Enough so that I kept an eye out for him ever since.

Today however against a rampaging Atlanta Hawks, not even Salmons’ 21 can salvage their cause. And so now I will decorate this post with a bunch of Hawks players dunking.

Por 105, Phx 100 Notes


Doug Collins (announcing the game) was right. If there was ever a way NOT to finish out a game while you’re ahead Portland did it and how. First you gotta miss your free throws. Then you gotta make silly fouls. You’ve gotta botch your plays and miss easy ones, like this winner.
Marcus Camby missed dunk
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