How To Play Basketball

Just a quick post re how to play basketball. I’ve been running a basketball blog for quite a while now I think I may know a thing or two about it.

So here’s the image I will use to make my point.


Basically it has all the details you need to know. Here’s a closer look:

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Thoughts On MJ At 50 Interview

So I caught the first of 3 big interviews the NBA came up with in time for the All Star break, particularly the one with Ahmad Rashad and MJ. The other two were Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley and finally Bill Simmons and Bill Russell.



Sadly the goddam thing was destroyed by too many commercials, a situation that thoroughly confuses me considering this is supposed to be cable tv. As a result I would occasionally get distracted because I would do other things in between like cook lunch or god forbid, work.

I did get some bits in though so it’s best to write about them before I forget.

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Fiba Asia 2012: Chinese-Taipei vs. Philippines

This is an important game as the mid of the 4th saw Chinese Taipei coming back on a 9-0 run after being behind by as much as 15(?), therefore testing the character of Smart Gilas under pressure.

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4th FIBA Asia Cup Schedule

Sep. 14 Philippines vs. China 330pm LIVE, 8pm REPLAY
Sep. 15 Philippines vs. Lebanon 8pm VIA SATELLITE
Sep. 16 Philippines vs. Uzbekistan 1pm LIVE, 7pm REPLAY
Sep. 17 Philippines vs. Macau 1030am LIVE, 8pm REPLAY
Sep. 20 Quarterfinals 8PM
Sep. 21 Semi Finals 1 & 2 330pm
Sep. 22 Battle for 3rd and Finals 1pm

Subject to change without notice!!

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As of today, 31 August, 2012:


  • BARAKO acquired the rights to Enrico Villanueva,
  • GINEBRA acquired the rights to Willie Miller;


  • GINEBRA acquired the rights to JV Casio,
  • GLOBAL PORT acquired the rights to Willie Miller plus GINEBRA’S 2014 1st rd pick;

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