ABC Sports will feature BallEx Tomorrow!

Watch out for the halftime segment tomorrow, Wednesday, Oct. 25 during the Talk ‘N Text-Purefoods game Game 1, where ABC Sports will feature posts from Ballex, all by John Dacanay! Here’s their letter:

.. we’ve been browsing your weblog “Basketball Exchange” for sometime now. We’d like to request your permission to use the three blog entries posted by John Dacanay focusing on PBA lookalikes:


We’re planning to feature some of the lookalikes during the halftime game this Wednesday. I hope you could reply as soon as possible through email or through text.

Thank you and good day!

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OT: Salamat Manong

After having watched the news two days ago, a grave injustice has come to my attention.

Apparently, [tag]Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes[/tag], our Esteemed Great Athlete, Pride of the Philippines and undoubtedly, [tag]The Greatest Billiards Player[/tag] Ever, has come back home sans fanfare, after having garnered the [tag]World 8 Ball Championships[/tag] in Las Vegas Nevada.

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Calendar Updated with FIBA World Championship Events

Some site news: For your viewing playshurr, The Basketball Exchange Google Calendar has just been updated to reflect the Solar Sports / RPN 9 schedules of the FIBA 2006 World Basketball Championships.

A few notes:

  1. The USA Basketball Team’s World Tour 2006, featuring tune-up games from August 4 to 15, is obviously separate from the World Championships themselves, but I added them anyway. As of today, the 14th, there’s only one left, USA vs. South Korea, 2pm – 7pm Solar Sports, with replay at 4am and 3pm the next day.
  2. There are many schedule disparities, with some games mentioning the same time (3pm up to 3pm), and really long times (2pm to 7pm). I assume these are because some of the schedules aren’t final yet. The Solar Sports website is here.
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New Schedules Page!

Here are the schedules for the NBA Finals:

NBA 2005-2006 Finals
ftg. the Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat
Game Where Phil. Time Replay
Solar Sports / RPN 9
Game 1 Miami at Dallas 06/09, Fri 9am 8pm / 7pm
Game 2 Miami at Dallas 06/12, Mon 9am 8pm / 7pm
Game 3 Dallas at Miami 06/14, Wed 9am 8pm / 7pm
Game 4 Dallas at Miami 06/16, Fri 9am 8pm / 7pm
Game 5 Dallas at Miami 06/19, Mon 9am 8pm / 7pm
Game 6 Miami at Dallas 06/21, Wed 9am 8pm / 7pm
Game 7 Miami at Dallas 06/23, Fri 9am 8pm / 7pm
Download Solar Sport’s complete June Sched (Adobe PDF)

Coming soon, UAAP, NCAA and (yawn 🙂 ) PBA scheds!!

From here on, any and all schedules will be posted on our new Schedules Page, featuring downloadable scheds and soon, downloadable .vcal format so you can synch it into your PDA, Outlook, Yahoo! or Google Calendar, etc.

What’s that I hear? You love the Basketball Exchange? Aww, we love you too!

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