The Stars of Tomorrow

In no particular order, here’s my choice for Philippine basketball’s next breed of stars

Japeth Aguilar 6-9 C (Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers/Ateneo de Manila University)
Japeth AguilarWill: sky high for a dunk
Can’t: hit the three-ball
PBA Player Comparison: A younger and better Raffy Reavis

Japeth Aguilar left Ateneo and the UAAP for a chance to play college ball in the US. He enrolled in a division I school (Western Kentucky University) that is not expected to contend in the Sweet Sixteen. If Japeth played on this year’s Ateneo team, the Blue Eagles would have swept the tournament and basked in glory of being one of only two teams to win the crown undefeated. Japeth clearly has the talent, upside and the bloodlines (his father Peter was a former PBA player) to be a great player. The prospects of Japeth to be the first full-blooded Filipino in the NBA appear to be a longshot but not impossible. If Japeth is to succeed and compete at the next level, he must be able to develop a perimeter game that opposing players will respect. He is still not a great rebounder because his body is not yet physically capable of banging bodies in the paint. His future clearly is at the small forward position where he will be able to take advantage of his length, quickness and mobility on the perimeter.
UAAP Averages: 5.7 ppg, 5.3 rpg, 0.6 apg, 3.2 bpg, 0.1 spg, 2.3 tpg, 24.1 mpg
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Collegiate Champions League: Why the Apparent Lack of Fan Support?

Benjie made an interesting comment to my post with regards to the lack of fan support for the 4th staging of the ongoing Collegiate Champions League. I wanted to venture a reply via a comment, but I figured that a rather lengthy response would better capture my thoughts on why there is not much of a considerable following for the CCL.

Fixation on respective College Tourneys: All the teams may have this dogged fixation on being crowned as champions of their respective college basketball tournaments. Prestige, right now, for the different collegiate teams is “localized” in the the UAAP, the NCAA, the NCRAA, etc. All the teams’ (including the schools’ administration) energies will be concentrated on achieving this primary goal. By direct relation, the student fans’ energies are concentrated, as well, on supporting their school’s campaign for this. By the time the “local tournaments” have finished, the motivation to support their respective
teams may have been fully spent already.

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