Collegiate Champions League: Why the Apparent Lack of Fan Support?

Benjie made an interesting comment to my post with regards to the lack of fan support for the 4th staging of the ongoing Collegiate Champions League. I wanted to venture a reply via a comment, but I figured that a rather lengthy response would better capture my thoughts on why there is not much of a considerable following for the CCL.

Fixation on respective College Tourneys: All the teams may have this dogged fixation on being crowned as champions of their respective college basketball tournaments. Prestige, right now, for the different collegiate teams is “localized” in the the UAAP, the NCAA, the NCRAA, etc. All the teams’ (including the schools’ administration) energies will be concentrated on achieving this primary goal. By direct relation, the student fans’ energies are concentrated, as well, on supporting their school’s campaign for this. By the time the “local tournaments” have finished, the motivation to support their respective
teams may have been fully spent already.

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