You’ll Agree Why I’m Not Writing As Often As I Wish

I rarely ever get comments, and so I was very happy to read Gabe‘s yesterday.


Believe me I am thrilled. But I would like to show you something that’s even a bigger thrill, and who happens to be the answer to gabe’s question as well. Here he is all 2.5 months of him:


Everyone meet Angel Christopher aka Ace, my little boy.

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Missed The Games Today

By games I meant LAL v. OKC Game 2 and PHI v. BOS Game 2. OKC and BOS reportedly both won.

No matter, I had a great meeting and client is gung – ho about getting our project going, so it looks like a lot of work I put in in the past is paying off. It’s a great feeling when that happens.

Playoff watch to continue tomorrow!

Attempt At Writing Bball But Ended Up Talking About Other Things

Gout is a disease that inflicts high uric acid types such as myself. The last time I had it was 3.5 yrs. ago and the first time +2 yrs. before that, too far apart to completely remember the oncoming symptoms so I could prepare for it but not too long certainly to forget the accompanying complete and excruciating pain.

So there I was immobile in bed from Monday Aug. 8, squirming in pain from every little movement. Even just lifting my foot and allowing gravity to pull at my ankle, the most stricken area, causes jolts of pain akin to hot slices of sharp glass ripping through your leg, till today, Aug. 12, barely hobbling on one foot and wheeling around on my surprisingly sturdy office chair.

The worst parts are the nights, when I didn’t want to wake the wife (who has suffered enough) but couldn’t help squirming about alternately rubbing my leg to try to find respite and looking for a comfortable position, either which just didn’t exist. Painkillers sadly, were the only solution and while I tried hard not to abuse it I may have taken one or two out of schedule just to find a way out.

Pain, especially the relentless and spectacular kind is incredibly sobering. Not that I needed any, considering my imperfect body gets enough pain in one way or another. Neither am I going to effect any particular lifestyle change. I don’t drink, smoke, eat tons of fatty foods or do enough bad things as it is. My body is just fucked up and this I’ve learned to accept.

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Wrote For Super

Wrote an article titled ‘Assessing this year’s NBA’ for Inquirer’s Super which came out yesterday. Inquirer was celebrating it’s 25th anniversary and my old editor texted me out of the blue to ask me to write any article as if it was still 1985. So I wrote as if Boston had just won a championship and was on its way to defend it against Houston (Houston won), along with assessments of other people in that rookie class which was probably amongst the most talented in history, ftg. Charles Barkley, Hakeem Olaujuwon, John Stockton and some guy named Michael Jord.. something.

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Basketbawful Finally Does Comics Again

I love Basketbawful. I think that’s the first blog I ever subscribed to when RSS became available. And you know what, beyond that, it’s one of a few I’m subscribed to I actually read. You know how you keep subscribing to stuff thinking they might be relevant but they just end up clutter? Not ‘bawful. That right there says a lot man.

So anyway, they got an excellent Kobe comic going on right now that I thought I’d spread around.

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Jaemark Finally Writes Ball

Jaemark is a friend I used to play ball with. He is also one of the writers I respect from way back, whose blog influenced me to get one of my own. The fact I live off of blogs these days means I owe the guy somewhat, and so I’ve actually done him a disservice for taking so long to publish this.

And so without further ado, I bring to you my interview of Jaemark, the man behind the subtly titled

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