MEM 105 SA 94; Grizzlies Win At Home

2016-2017 nba playoffs, Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, tim duncan, tony parker, Vince Carter, Zach Randolph
Vince Carter dunks in the 3q.

I wasn’t able to watch the game where Tony Parker was said to have relived his old ways, so I was looking forward to something like that coming into this game. So when I caught up in the 3q I was getting a little disappointed noticing he had only scored a point while the rest of his team was playing from behind.

Then I started to notice Zach Randolph (35 yo) getting his game going, and Marc Gasol blocking brother Pao’s hookshot, then following it up with a 3 from the corner (again in Pao’s face), and Mike Conley (29 yo) getting shots up, and finally Vince Carter (40 yo) getting a slam – and I said to heck with Parker, watching these guys get their game on is probably as good to watch as if Tim Duncan came out of retirement to play this game.

I have this series going to SA for many obvious reasons so I’m definitely surprised they let this one go so easily. I do think Coach Popovich is the type who would throw in the towel early if he felt Mem had too big a lead to make it worth pursuing anymore, and when the Spurs were behind 20 in the 4th that was definitely a cue. They’re ahead a game so to overly stretch his players will be a waste of time.

I do wish however, to see some PLAYOFF BASKETBALL, similar to the Ind – Cle series, where each team lets it all out. I need to see the Spurs under pressure to see what they’re made of. Scratching that however, an old man game such as today’s was worth watching nevertheless.