I Told YOU!!

Check this out:

I saw it from the twitter account of the extremely industrious PBAaddicts, who are totally hardcore.

Anyway, it leads to an article which says Bowles is being eyed by the Spurs, Warriors and Raptors after his spectacular performance in the recently concluded PBA Finals last week.

Something which I said as much in my blogpost a few days ago. And so I am reposting this here for everyone to better appreciate my now indisputable glory!!

Ok fine it’s nothing no one noticed. Anyone with any level basketball smarts can see that a guy like Bowles, with his heft, outside shooting, and let’s not forget, ability to sink two pressure packed freethrows with their whole season on the line, is good enough for the NBA. Heck lots of our small guys and maybe a forward or two are good enough for the NBA.

The complete truth is, I just wanted to write that because I’m waiting for what I’m cooking to finish in the kitchen, and so I checked Twitter, found that link, read it, and now I’m writing this.

And now you’ve reached the end of this post because I can eat now.

Gawd I love being the master of my own publication. I can write crap like above and no one the hell would care. I’m awesome.

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