Thank You MCA

I want to say this and I want to say it on the blog where I had written many things deeply personal to me, and so I am writing it here, because it is where I feel it should be.

I want to say I am mourning deeply the death of Adam Yauch aka ‘MCA’, the third part of the Beastie Boys, who died two days ago after a long bout with cancer.

Although this may not have much to do with basketball, I’m writing it anyway because for some odd reason it seems intrinsically a part of all that. ‘All that’ being my youth, the 80s, the 90s, basketball, music, art, love, sport, beats, the fashion, the people, the Knicks, the bass pumping beats, the back and forth rapping that never gets out of style, the silly MTVs of Watcha Want and Interplanetary, the fact these guys don’t take themselves too seriously, in complete opposite of 99% of other rappers who can’t say a sentence without saying how much money they have or how great they are, about the fact these guys are three white Jewish boys who revolutionized hiphop when hiphop was supposed to be the exclusive domain of African – Americans, therefore belying the fact that all great music is to be created and enjoyed by all races and all creeds despite whatever anyone says, and that’s what makes music great, and that’s what made the Beastie Boys great, and that’s why I listened to them day in and day out back then, and each and every music device I own, from my iPod, phone and laptops, have copies of their songs, and were the first songs I copied onto them, because I had to have them. I had to listen to the Beastie Boys. Because they were the best. Because there was nothing like them. Not even remotely. Not even half like them. Even after so many years, and so many versions of the Knicks, and so many other artists coming and going. It’s still these three guys’ beats that get to me. Because what they say and how they say it gets to me.

And now one of them is dead. And its been a while and I still don’t know what to make of that. It’s as if a good friend left.

Thank you so much MCA. You have contributed greatly to who I am.

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