48 Out Of 85 People Think 'Niloloko Lang Tayo Ng PBA'

Almost forgot to write about this. I ran a poll from Aug. 23 to Oct. 4, 2011, a total of 35 days, asking the ff.:

Results herewith:

  • ‘Oo Kalokohan na yan’ got 56% or 48 votes.
  • ‘Hindi, maayos naman’ got 28% or 24 votes.
  • ‘Hindi ako sigurado’ got 16% or 13 votes.

Some thoughts on that:

PBA fans probably hate me for running this poll, but the honest to God truth is I really had no idea how that would turn out. Besides, 48 people saying they don’t trust the PBA can mean any number of things, ie:

  • They’re just haters, and they like to hate.
  • If I asked about the NBA, they might say they don’t trust them either (hmm, maybe worth a poll).
  • People are generally pessimistic.

Then again of course, they might actually have reason to doubt the PBA, and we have to allow for that given 56% is a fairly large number. In fact even if you add up the remaining 28% (24) and 16% (13) it would only add to 37 and still wouldn’t equal or surpass 48.

And btw, I count the 13 ‘Hindi ako sigurado’ votes as non – trusting as well, because if you think about it, it’s either you trust it or you don’t, and even if you say ‘I’m not sure’, that’s still saying you don’t.

So there you have it, most people do not trust the PBA.

If you’re one of those who said he didn’t, I’m really itching to ask why. The thing is, no one really comments on this blog other than the occasional spam and ‘I love you (name of player here)’ type of idiot comment, but on the off chance someone DOES want to share, could you please tell me why?

Looking forward to the cricket sound.


3 thoughts on “48 Out Of 85 People Think 'Niloloko Lang Tayo Ng PBA'”

  1. I didn’t get to vote in the poll, but if I did, I probably would go with “hindi ako sigurado:

    For me, the results of the poll reflect the general sentiment of the public towards people in “power”. Just like how we generally tend to not trust our politicians, maybe the public is conditioned to believe that institutions will always look to profit as much as they can on a situation (game 7). Either that, or the PBA is still “insecure” in the sense that it chooses to extend its series to game 7s to show the public how exciting the league is. (Do you think that theory is a bit too much?)

    But, I really like the direction the PBA is going the past couple of seasons. Better TV coverage and more importantly, it’s really been a while since a commissioner actually vetoes trades when they’re unfair. Of course the league can still improve on a lot of things, but I’m happy that it’s going in the right direction. 🙂

  2. Re ‘general sentiment of the public towards people in power’, i totally get it. I think its same as how we treat the government. We’re so untrusting that constant doubt overshadows everything even the time they do good. I also notice this behaviour in ball-games. From barangay sitio to PBA – level, there are always people saying ‘binayaran lang yan’ or ‘nagka-ayusan na’, followed by a discussion on how Filipinos are such losers, and ‘di katulad sa i-states…’.

    I think it has to do with how these people like to be thought of as ‘in power’ themselves, because if they say they know something ie. ‘may kilala ako, sabi niya binayaran na si (name of top player) ng (some amount)’, it makes them look like they know people in power or are in power themselves.

    Re direction of the PBA, I’m glad you think so, I need to watch more of it though. Prob is there are so many good shows on its same time slot so its a battle with the wife haha.

  3. I might be insanely optimistic here, but I really feel that the PBA is on the cusp of being very relevant again. It’s being semi-active online and the improved coverage wouldn’t hurt. Plus, the addition of the Smart Gilas players to the PBA has given the younger generation (me still included I think haha) a reason to go watch some games.

    Imagine if the NBA lock-out continues till the next conference and a PBA team is able to lure an NBA talent (doesn’t have to be a star, any would do I think). That would really cause some headlines and bring in even greater interest.

    Don’t know how possible is that, but we’ll never know, right? haha

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