BTV's FIBA Eurobasket 2011 Scheds

Obviously this is delayed as we’re just starting the Quarterfinals, but what the heck here’s BTV’s Eurobasket sched anyway:

Once again, csv is here.

I just watched the recently concluded Brazil v. Argentina for the end of FIBA America and man that was thrilling stuff.

Eurobasket and FIBA America players aren’t as athletically gifted as NBA superstars but they make up for it by having better, more well- rounded games and are usually a triple threat, meaning they can shoot from close, from afar and can take it to the hole. They are just a marvel to watch with their quick passing plays where the ball and the players are just a blur. Sometimes I see them making passes to empty areas on the court in anticipation of a teammate, who suddenly appears out of nowhere, usually already in rhythm for a shot. That’s REAL basketball for you, and it serves you well to watch and learn if you wanna get anywhere in this game.