BTV's FIBA Asia 2011 Sched

Here I go again with my scheds. I got this from BTV yesterday, and as usual, I’m supplying a csv version of it here.

I’m doing this for my own reference as well, so I can just check up on my own site to remind myself of the scheds. I think BTV’s channel varies depending on your cable provider, so I didn’t add it here.

Remember that .csv files are readable via Excel / LibreOffice / OpenOffice or whatever the heck you want to use, even a text editor like Notepad. It’s basically a text document with all the values separated by, in this case, a semi-colon. This format is universal, so you can export / import it into or out of different applications or even your gadgets, like online calendars such as Google Calendar or Yahoo Calendar, or gadgets that have calendar functions like iPads, Android gadgets, etc.

BTV and other institutions that issue schedules still haven’t caught on using csv or even less so the more capable xml, inspite of the fact these are the most reliable and and most easily portable technology available out there, and is universally accepted by any device. Until then geeks like me will have to do it.


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