Every Player Should Be Shot

‘Shot’ as in shot by a camera that is. And man I’ve got shots.

To explain, yes that’s me, #33, playing in our weekly Friday game all the way at San Juan. I live at Sta. Rosa Laguna now, but I jump at every opportunity to schedule trips to the city for meetings and such on Fridays so I can sneak in a game with my HS buddies over there.

These absolutely terrific photos are from my friend Blender, a former amateur shutterbug who has developed his eye and his skills so much that he has forked his career as a technology evangelist / serial entrepreneur / action star and now goes around calling himself a Pro Photographer. Which of course, you need to back up. And BY GOD he backs it up.

Ouch. Obviously these are only shots of me. We’ve got tons of other shots we check out after every game, many of which are simply breathtaking.

Point being, me and my friends are clearly the luckiest bastards in the Greater Manila Area for having such a talented photographer amongst us. Hoping not to sound biased (although I probably will anyway), Blen is using his God given gift (plus his expensive gear) to perfect a highly specific and very exacting niche – taking pics of fat guys, sports photography. This makes him not only specially skilled but unique amongst the crowd of other photographers as well. This, plus his matinee idol good looks, puts him a cut above the rest. Ok so much for being unbiased.

The result? Me and my friends have been playing ball together for almost a decade now, but because of these pics we’ve come to enjoy our time together even more. Our post game discussions have been dramatically enhanced by absolutely great pics and I think we all share the same sentiment that we are all privileged to have our shots taken so well. Any guy who takes the game seriously, and I’ve been playing for near 3 decades now, should have at least one decent action pic to look at longingly after his knees give way, which for me is anytime now.

I not only have pics now, I’m even proud enough to show them on this blog! I’ve been writing here since 2006 and it’s the first time I’ve published images of myself. Talk about a milestone.

Soon, he and I plus another friend are going to give other players such as ourselves (non – pros, weekend warriors), the opportunity to have similar shots taken as well. I hate being mysterious, but watch out for that.

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