PBA Needs New Refs

Got this via the PBA Sports Desk yesterday, some interesting news re PBA refs:

Sports Desk Please
PBA Release
PBA Referees Academy

The PBA is looking for highly qualified, physically fit males and females who have passion for the sport of basketball and who work well under pressure.

Be part of the PBA family. Join the PBA Referees Academy and have a chance to be among the elite group of game officials working the games of the country’s best basketball talents.

Application forms are available during office hours at the PBA Office, 186 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Libis, Quezon City and during the PBA games at the Araneta Coliseum or the Cuneta Astrodome. Forms can also be downloaded from the PBA’s Facebook accounts at www.facebook.com/pbaconnect and www.facebook.com/pba.atin.to.

Male applicants must be 25 to 35 years old, a college graduate and must be at least 5′-8 in height. Female applicants must be 25 to 35 years old, college graduate and with a height of at least 5′-2.

Interested parties may submit their filled up application forms from December 15, 2010 to January 15, 2011.

For more details, you may call Mr. Ramil Cruz or Mr. Junior Bengua at 470-2768 to 70.

I have a very high regard for referees of any sport. In my opinion, love of the game is a big reason why a guy / girl (above reads for both men and women) would want to pursue such a profession. This isn’t the sort of thing someone would want to do because they want to make a ton of money. Unless of course the person joining happens to be 100% asshole and plans to sell games throughout his / her career, which I wouldn’t put above a lot of people out there. However the fact that training to be a referee requires a lot of physical stamina and intelligence cancels out assholes, whom are generally lazy.

It is without a doubt the most demanding and thankless of all professions in sports. The only people who are able to understand the contributions of a referee are coaches and players, mostly whom are unwilling to share any love with them, at least in public. From start of contests to finish, refs are derided, hated, spat at, shouted at, screamed at, and are even thrown things. Occasionally, even their friends and relatives are put at risk, such as during the Crispa – Toyota days when a certain ref’s family received death threats (forgot his name).

Why, I ask myself on occasion, on God’s green and fertile Earth would anyone want a job like that?

Yet for some reason a few do, and despite my outstanding in ability to recognize why, they seem to like this sort of thing. Many of them even live long and fulfilling careers as such. To these, I tip my hat off, and if there is a God up there wish them his blessings.

If you fans think you love the sport so much, do not for one second assume you are by any means superior to these people in any way, and live with the knowledge they are doing far more about their love of the game than you. While you may think you prove yourself by the number of games you watch and the number of beers you chug down while doing so, just imagine how it is being a ref.

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