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Wrote an article titled ‘Assessing this year’s NBA’ for Inquirer’s Super which came out yesterday. Inquirer was celebrating it’s 25th anniversary and my old editor texted me out of the blue to ask me to write any article as if it was still 1985. So I wrote as if Boston had just won a championship and was on its way to defend it against Houston (Houston won), along with assessments of other people in that rookie class which was probably amongst the most talented in history, ftg. Charles Barkley, Hakeem Olaujuwon, John Stockton and some guy named Michael Jord.. something.

Link here. Still super fun to see my work on paper after all these years. Online publications can say all they want about being the next big thing but a national paper with a 25 year history as colorful as PDI’s beats any old blog anytime.

2 thoughts on “Wrote For Super”

  1. Had fun reading this column. Really hard to write something with you imagining the year being 15 years ago. Found quite a few flaws with the article though. First the player Boston traded for Walton was not Vernon Maxwell but Cedric Maxwell. Vernon started around 1988 in the NBA. Second, though it’s not a flaw but I don’t think anybody noticed John Stockton during his rookie season. He was a “nobody” during that time. Third is I don’t think colored ads in newspapers existed in 1985. Other than that had fun reading this column.

    1. well thanks so much Jerry for enjoying it despite the GLARING mistakes you pointed out, I am so sore at myself for those. Re Stockton I had to find a way to get him in that article even if he wasn’t at all impressive during his early years.

      It so happened I just finished reading a book on magic and bird which helped me get my mind on that era, so that helped. Thanks again.

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