Congratulations Again Manny!

I’ve made it a habit to congratulate the Pambansang Kamao every time he wins one and I’m not about to break my little tradition now.

So, CONGRATULATIONS! And to make this post more interesting here’s a weird typo from which they’ve probably fixed by now, so I’m glad I got a screenshot:

Hmm so what are my thoughts about Manny? Firstly is that I really wish he didn’t go into politics. He’s certainly rich and popular enough to be able to improve things (assuming that’s what he hopes to accomplish), without having to be a Congressman. In fact, I’d think being a politician would hamper his efforts to help. Now that he is one now, he’s going to have to toe the lines of his party and Congress itself, whereas if he were a private individual he wouldn’t have to kowtow towards anyone, and if he wanted to do something unpopular to his fellow Congressmen he wouldn’t have to worry.

I’d go so far as to say his running is a total fail. You could even say he isn’t fulfilling his duties to his constituents by still pursuing a boxing career. It’s just a fail on all counts.

Second thing I think about is how amazing it is he maintains his focus inspite of the fact there’s clearly no one out there that can still mount a decent challenge. The training he goes through is no joke and we’d all have been led to believe (from movies and such) that it takes either a crazy man or someone with a giant chip on his shoulder to be able to go through all that. We’d also been conditioned to believe that once a guy manages to get to the top he’d start to relax and let go. In fact if Manny does do that most everyone would probably say it’d be ok, having achieved as much as he has.

Manny has debunked all that tenfold. In fact he has become a complete poster child for pure unadulterated discipline coupled with unmatched skill and ability. He is truly, absolutely a specimen of talent and control. He has sculpted himself into what he is through sheer guts and discipline and is a true rags to riches story.

My third opinion of Manny has to do with that. I’m hoping the common Pinoy can see Manny as inspiration to improve on their own lives and as living proof they can succeed too as opposed to a meal ticket ie. someone they can get ‘balato’ from. Balato imho is the most useless, most disgusting word in the Filipino language. I watched an interview of a fellow Gensan native re Manny’s victory once and after being asked how he felt his answer was that he hoped he could get some of Manny’s money once he comes back. We as a nation cannot move forward if we can’t adopt the idea that saying such a thing is so base it’s not even worth joking about.

I’m sure people might think I’m overreacting, and that he was probably joking. I’ll counter that though by trying to make them realize that Manny is the numero uno, living and breathing reason why we cannot lose hope, why we should never lose hope in ourselves, and that we can succeed as long as we apply the effort. And that in the light of that truth, it is the ultimate in pathetic behavior to, instead of being influenced, ask for crumbs. God, if he exists, sent us Manny to inspire us, and instead we ask for his money. What low lifes.

I guess that pretty much sums up what I think of when I think of Manny. Oh and that I hope he retires because I really don’t see if there’s anyone else out there worth his time. But then again personalities like Manny live off of the pursuit of goals, so maybe it’s impossible to ask him to quit. I dunno, I’m not like him. No one’s like him. I’m just proud to be around watching him do his thing. He is an amazing person and we are privileged to be around while he is.

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