It’s not so much how I got it wrong. I don’t mind calling it wrong, that’s what happens when you make a guess. You give it your best try, and if you fail it’s ok. No one can predict the future and the best thing you can do is survey the field and make your best bet.

At least that’s how I justify getting it wrong when I called Orlando the team to beat. I call things wrong dozens of times, heck I even thought Erap wasn’t going to make a good showing in the last elections (he was a distant 2nd). But I don’t mind making mistakes since that was my best guess at the time I made it.

But this?

Who’d have guessed this?

To be precise, after this Game 3 who’d have guessed that Orlando would fold so deeply, so quickly and so easily without so much as a fight, without someone, anyone – Vince, Lewis, Howard, Nelson – anyone – after realizing they were behind 20 pts., deciding that – to heck with it, I’m going to lower my head, drive it hard to the hoop and dunk it on anyone who tries to stop me?

Who’d have thought that as early as the 2nd quarter, they were hanging their heads, their body language indicating they don’t know what’s hitting them, and what’s worse, they’ve no way to stop it.

Granted, Orlando didn’t lose this all their own.

rajon rondoThis guy, with his 11 pts, 12 assists and 4 steals had a lot to do with it.

Even Davis had a great night, coming off the bench and topscoring with 17 pts. At one point he was jumpshooting like crazy, taking advantage of a streak.

And let’s not forget Boston’s amazing defense. That great, body to body, sticky, annoying, never letting up defense that reminds everyone what Playoff intensity is all about. If there’s one thing that’s clear, Boston came prepared. While Orlando seems to have come in resting on the strength of their game from the regular season up to their previous matchups, Boston took the extra step to take it up a notch, and came into this series with fire coming out their noses. Their defense is awesome to watch.

But still, after all that, I’ve never been as disappointed as I am watching Orlando lose like this. I had them pegged going all the way, and they come up with airballs, turnovers and an overall lack of fire.

They may win one more, but I doubt it.

I was wrong to have thought they’d go all the way, but I don’t mind. If Boston wins, it’d be exciting as hell. If Orlando gets swept or loses, so far they’ve not shown any reason why they don’t deserve it.

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