I Wanna Interview Someone From The Below 6 Feet Basketball League

I’ve heard about efforts to bring a below 6 foot league to fruition before. I know I’m late in learning this but today I finally learned of its existence.

A quick look at their website’s league info and about us area reveals some salient points I thought worth mentioning (with my comments in italics):

  • No Pros – logical.
  • Ex Pros and Collegiate players are welcome – should not have played the previous year. Ex PBA at least 6 years, ex – PBL 3 years.
  • FIBA rules.
  • 2,000 reservation deposit – is that all?
  • Operated and managed by Metro Basketball Tournaments Inc., a non stock, non profit corporation. – I’m curious about this, why is this a non profit? Wouldn’t it be more beneficial if this were a profit oriented business?
  • From the About Us section: ‘MBT ‘usually’ collects miniumim entry fees.. etc. – Why ‘usually’? There are other methods?
  • Also from the About Us section: ‘The members of the Board of Directors does not receive any salary or allowances. All of the Directors of MBT work on pro-bono basis.’ – (related to above non-profit clause) Again, why pro-bono?

To explain my curiosity re the pro-bono situation: I have some (not a whole lot but some) business background so I’m inclined to believe most organizations should be profit oriented so as to succeed. Making money is important to assure longevity and quality of any activity. It makes sure all costs are paid for on time, attracts and maintains good people to run the thing, and attracts investors which help make it grow. And trust me, organizations of all shapes and sizes cost a whole lot of money to maintain. Just the travel costs, maintenance of equipment, salaries of officials and gym fees can get pretty substantial.

However, the fact it is set up this way may reveal other things about the league. Maybe they see running it as a business as contrary to its goals? Maybe they see something wrong with making money off of it? Maybe they *gasp* have finally found a way to marry sports and entertainment without money becoming an issue?

That’s why pronto after reading about it from an inquirer article I wasted no time finding its website and emailing a request to interview someone from their organization to answer those questions and then some. I’m also interested what the public’s reaction has been to their games, and any other observations they may have picked up along the way.

Anyway, I’ve sent the request for interview email. Let’s see what happens.

Postnote: Incidentally, I noticed the articles re the B6BL on the Inquirer, MSN, the Visayan Star, Businessworld and even the Bangkok Post all read nearly or almost exactly the same. Just try googling the words ‘In a brightly lit Manila gym, basketball players make daring lay-ups, desperate rebounds and even the occasional dunk‘ and marvel at the varied destinations (but similar content).

And I thought only bloggers cut and pasted.

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