Rebound Magazine is By The Fans For The Fans

Ok let’s start off with what you need to know.

First off, Rebound Magazine September / October Issue #2 should be available at National Bookstore now. This lays to rest questions re where and where to buy it when I wrote about it the first time it came out.

Second, it’s the last issue of the year, with a 3rd issue, I am assured, in the works for next. As such, congratulations are in order to the publisher, editors and writers behind it because obviously we wouldn’t even be talking about a 3rd issue if the 1st one wasn’t a hit.

Third, I’d like to thank once again the very personable and friendly editor in chief Mike Yu, who personally hand delivers these first copies to me when I happen to be in and around where he works at Makati. I’d just like to say the unique experience of receiving these in said manner is akin to, perhaps, having Colonel Sanders cook fried chicken for you, or Hugo Boss making you a suit and delivering it personally to your house. There are a few worthwhile perks I get from running a basketball blog, and I count receiving first copies of Rebound as one of them.

And now, my review. That’s right, I’m gonna talk about what I think about the articles and pictures and such. Why? Well I like doing this for one, and another, it’s the best way to bring attention to their work if you think about it. I’ve been there, and I know how quiet it is when no one even notices your work.

The content I most enjoyed were the large images in the first pages, the FEU and Africa pieces, the article re Mark Barroca, the courtside reporters and most especially, the signature moves. That’s not to say of course, that the eight or so articles I didn’t mention weren’t of note. Timeliness played a great deal in how interested I’d get in an article, and what could be more interesting than an article about Mark Barroca at this time? At the same time, the DLSU article was written when they were still in contention. It’s hard to connect to an article re a team you knew were already out the door a few weeks, so my disinterest was not the author’s fault.

The signature moves pieces were particularly interesting to my mind for two things, one because the writers seemed to enjoy themselves most as they broke down the moves, and secondly because they were short and sweet.

And while we’re on that subject, there were some pieces I thought could stand to lose an extra 100 or so words. For the most part, the more veteran writers are obviously far more confident and came to the point with more effect, while the younger ones showed their youth.

Like I said the first time, Rebound Magazine is important for us because we just can’t have enough. It’s significant for two reasons, one, in that it concentrates primarily on College hoops, which if you think about it, is a comparably small (but fanatical) demographic compared to the larger, nationwide scale the pro league should be covering. Solid proof if I ever saw one that the pros are in trouble.

Secondly, there are a million and one things we’d like to know about these players and coaches we love to watch play, and publications such as these deliver the goods the way we want them in the manner we appreciate most, from fellow fanatics.

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