Jaemark Finally Writes Ball

Jaemark is a friend I used to play ball with. He is also one of the writers I respect from way back, whose blog influenced me to get one of my own. The fact I live off of blogs these days means I owe the guy somewhat, and so I’ve actually done him a disservice for taking so long to publish this.

And so without further ado, I bring to you my interview of Jaemark, the man behind the subtly titled FireQuinito.com

Why have you taken so long to blog about basketball?

There are two main reasons:

  1. I’ve been working on my master’s degree in UP. I know it sounds like a joke, but it isn’t.
  2. Girls don’t like it when I post on my personal blog about basketball.

So the better question would be, why even start blogging about basketball (and sports in general)? Mostly because I watch sports all the time, and think about sports all the time, and want to write about sports all the time. So the blog’s really just an attempt to find an audience for my sports thoughts, because my friends don’t like talking to me about it. Especially the girls.

Why are you still watching the PBA? Don’t only losers watch the PBA?

What kind of UAAP coño douchebag would say that? First, let me quote renowned poet and author Sherman Alexie:

“I am a holistic basketball fan. I love the wins and losses. I love the spectacular assists and idiotic turnovers. I love the poetry of teamwork and the pornography of jump shots taken too early in the shot clock.”

And that involves loving the PBA, warts and all. It’s still the most well-played and the most exciting league in the country. Besides, the numbers still suggest that most Filipinos still get their basketball fix. Ateneo/La Salle fanboys who would say otherwise would just be smelling their own farts.

I watch everything – the NBA, the PBA, the PBL, the UAAP, the NCAA, even the Liga Pilipinas when I stagger home drunk at 2 in the morning. But if you ask me to watch Simon Atkins repeatedly clang jumper after jumper off the ring exclusively, I just might stick a fork in my neck. So that’s why I love watching the PBA.

If you were a coach of a PBA team (you choose the team), what would you do?

Purefoods has been my favorite basketball team since childhood, and I’ve been on Ryan Gregorio’s case for a while now. In fact, I’m probably just three more Purefoods blowout losses from going to the Araneta Coliseum and challenging him to a fight. “Ano coach, suntukan na lang tayo?” I almost named my blog Fire Ryan Gregorio, but there’s already a thread in PEx with the name.

Anyway, if I were Purefoods coach, I’d do the following things:

  • I’d hire Glen Capacio and Jerry Codinera as assistant coaches–they’re Purefoods legends and it’s a crime they haven’t been part of the organization all these years. And they’ve paid their dues too; Glen coaches FEU while Jerry is an assistant for UP.
  • I’d make Louie Alas the team’s “coaching consultant”, then make him coach the team because, really, what the fuck do I know about coaching? Alas is the most underrated coach in college basketball. He makes his Letran team competitive every year even though his big men only stand up to about the same height as Sam Ekwe’s left butt cheek.
  • I’d ask James Yap and Kris Aquino to introduce me to ABS-CBN hotties. I’d go for Anne Curtis and Maja Salvador initially, but I’d settle for Bangs Garcia or one of those less popular bikini girls from Banana Split.
  • If you were the PBA Commissioner, what would you like to do?

    World peace is the essence of being a woman.

    If you were Quinito Henson, what do you think he’d think of your blog? And what would you do?

    If I were Quinito and I read the blog, I’d probably get annoyed. Then I’ll go cry in my bag of money before having sex with my hot wife. Did you know Quinito is married to Tita Maggie from the Maggie noodle commercials?

    But if I were Quinito, here’s what I’d do: I’ll start blogging. Seriously, he’s a crappy analyst, but he’d be an awesome blogger – he has insane access, he’s a great writer, he loves chismis, and he speaks well so he’ll be great doing podcasts and videocasts. He could be quite the Internet superstar, seriously, instead of a clown broadcaster / lazy sportswriter.

    So there you go, my interview of the guy I’ve waited the longest for to blog about basketball. Quinito jabs aside (I honestly don’t have an opinion either way about him – which is probably a negative if you think about it), it’s important, really, for guys like Jaemark to write. Heck, for anyone with an opinion in any matter whatsoever, to WRITE. I mean seriously, TNL is right. The local web is either very female or very gay. Where in fuck are the guys? What about their opinion?

    And think about it – how could this site (yes I am referring to Basketball Exchange), rank so highly in the Sports Blogs category? I mean sure I’m proud of some (keyword: some) of the stuff I’ve written, but for the most part, I hardly write, the layout sucks and it looks different depending what browser you use. And beyond that, I don’t actually have a game to speak of, I’m way past my prime and the few people who’ve contacted me directly have wasted no time expressing how much disdain they have for me and my site.

    For the most part I’ve long decided BallEx to be somewhat of a personal blog now, given the fact I pretty much relate basketball with life, hence my never ending opinions.

    But TRUE sports blogging? That I leave that to the genuine practitioners of the craft. Primarily, Jaymie with TheBullRunner, and now thank God, Jaemark, with Firequinito.

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