Today's Prediction: Phi over Orl; Hou over Por; Chi over Bos

And now, to explain myself:

Phi vs. Orl – Orlando leads 3-2. I’m going for Phi here because a. I like how Igoudala’s been playing the past few weeks. Yes I know that’s certainly not enough to say they’ll win. What does give them a good chance is b. Dwight Howard is suspended for an altercation with Samuel Dalembert. Orlando’s gonna have to do something big to make up for losing Howard. Howard however, has learned a valuable lesson: In order to get anywhere in the playoffs, you gotta keep your cool.

Hou over Por – Hou leads 3-2. This is the hardest of the three games today to predict. I really like Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge but I love Houston’s ‘flow’ when they’re playing well. With Aaron Brooks playing point, Artest and Battier position themselves around him well, esp. given the fact they’re just naturally great without the ball. Just like most people I’m shocked at Scola being the biggest scorer this series, but I’m really happy about that because it means he’s recognized that Yao is getting double teamed leaving him open, and so he has to step up and nail the open opportunities. It’s gotten so I catch myself punching the air when Scola nails his Js. Most of the time I hate the guy for flopping so much like most Euro players but he makes up for it with his Js.

Chi over Bos – Bos leads 3-2. Choosing Chi over Bos is purely because I like run and gun teams as opposed to whatever Bos has. Bos has a fast guard in Rondo who is just brimming with more confidence than ever, and because of said confidence is now turning in Tony Parker level performances. He is an example of what happens if you make a rook play on a storied, Championship level team and his battles against ROY Derrick Rose are gonna be something to watch for the next decade or so. Plus the Gordon vs. Allen matchups and the exemplary play of Davis and Perkins make this an exciting Bos lineup.

However, while Rondo is quick, the rest of the team isn’t. Meanwhile, Chi is quick all the way, and even Miller seems a good fit for them with his quick hands and passing ability. Chi just gives off an air of ‘togetherness’, being at one with their identity of run and gun. Bos is hard to read, because while they have a halfcourt game, Rondo’s blazing quickness is screaming for a running game, so it’s hard to match.

If Chi can get their act together well enough, they can beat Bos. They may not go any further, but with what they have they can certainly take care of business now.

Gawd I love this time of year.

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