Chi Makes it 3-3. Allen Drops 51.

Yes that is Derrick Rose’s block on Rajon Rondo, keeping him from scoring on Bos’ last attempt. Score ends at 127 to 128 and Chi has taken their series to a Game 7 to be played at Boston.


IMMATURITY – Gordon and Rondo displayed immaturity at this game when Gordon lost it somepoint in the 3q throwing things around on the bench. Rondo on the other hand got into an altercation with Kirk Hinrich and from then on produced a so – so game with only 8 pts but 19 assists.


Brad Miller was left alone by Perkins on top of the 3 pt line and drilled it, providing a spark leading the Bulls to the 1st OT.

To force the 2nd OT, Glenn Davis sank a beautiful J over the outstretched hands of Hinrich.

Arguably the biggest play of the night goes to Joachim Noah however, when he steals the ball from Paul Pierce near the halfcourt, drives strong for a dunk and gets Pierce’s 6th foul at the same time.

Overall this is one of the best games I’ve seen all season and the Playoffs. You could feel both the energy and the fatigue as 3 OTs was wearing down both players and the crowd. Even I was wondering how much more I could take.


Boston all the way, helped by their playing at home plus the fact Ray Allen is scorching hot, with a record 51 pts. today.

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