Chris Tiu Is The 2nd Coming

Sorry for the sensationalist title, I just wanted to bring your attention to what is probably the best read in local basketball at the moment, Chris Tiu’s Blog ‘‘.

At the moment he is in Serbia along with the Smart Gilas National Team, which doesn’t even have a page on the Smart website so I couldn’t find more info re it other than a few newspaper reports.

Fortunately Rick Olivarez was on the case, so at least we have some data re it.

I’m not even sure if ‘Gilas’ means the ‘Gearing up internet literacy and access for students’, an org which results when you Google it, but even if it was there’s no info on that site either. Sigh.

But back to Chris Tiu. On this post a week ago he talks about leaving for Serbia along with the team and hoping for internet access. His post after that confirms internet access, and talks about rooming with JV Casio of all people, which I love considering it throws cold water in the face of all the extremist DLSU and ADMU fans out there. At this point I am hooked.

The third one is the most interesting so far, where he tells of how they got wiped out by a local pro team by 30 points and he can’t even remember what their name was. He particularly talks of guarding either a 6’4 or 6’6 player (he’s only 5’10), neither of which posted him up. Rather, they relied on passing plays and sharing the ball, leaving him in awe of the European game which is so unlike that of the NBA and especially that of ours, which is patterned after the NBA.

I just gotta say, I’m loving the guy. The thing is, liking him is so cliche. His blog gets hundreds of comments from shrieking girls hoping to get his attention. He has commercial deals everywhere, and his face greets you on billboards approximately 2 or 3 times if you drive anywhere up North or South on Edsa.

Inspite of it all though, he’s the real deal. He can play ball, was the Captain of a Championship College Team, he’s a good role model, and he writes in an organized manner well enough so as to be readable and entertaining. If he can only sing, dance and act I’d not be surprised if he had a halo and sprout wings as well, but as it is he’s already near – perfect.

Subscribe to his RSS feed and learn more about this dude. The fact he can play National level ball and write about humbling 30 pt. defeats is reason enough.