Amongst the publications that made me think of becoming a writer was GQ. The others were Road & Track, National Geographic and Playboy, which explains somewhat the roots of my interest in Style, Cars, Travel and uhmm.. Photography. Ok fine. I admit I appreciated the art of writing copy to fit the limited space just beside the featured Playmate (she’s a Scorpio and likes to read, we’re practically SOULMATES!!), but to me, Playboy had some of the finest writers I had ever read at the time, with approaches to interviews re Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan in their prime that redefined, to my mind, the fine and noble art that is sportswriting – A profession of which many are called but few, ever so painfully FEW, are worthy.

At any rate, to explain why I have a pic of LeBron James looking like he’s ready to hug you, LBJ will be on GQ’s cover for February, and I just spent the last 30 minutes or so perusing the excellent teaser – article on their site, accessible by clicking here. (That’s right, typical Pinoy sports fan: Prepare To Read)

The ending paragraph of which summarizes what GQ story editor / correspondent Joel Lovell feels about LBJ’s job opportunities elsewhere, (which I shall reprint here because doing so I hope manifests my appreciation of a job well done):

We finished up and called a van and headed back to the Marriott. It was really cold outside. When we came o (sic) the highway, there was the Nike billboard again, lit up and looming overhead. Earlier, coming back from the game, Andy had pulled the Escalade over and Fred and Will had gotten out to take pictures. I’m a lifelong New York Knicks fan, and before going to play LeBron I was getting pretty pumped about the prospect of him coming to New York in 2010 and saving the franchise. But sitting there watching Will and Fred tramp around in the snow to get the best angle, their breath rising in the already dark air, all I thought was, man, I hope you don’t leave Cleveland. I hope you stay here. This is your place. It’s written on your body. Stay with your high school girlfriend and raise your kids in your giant house and win championship after championship and let the side of the Sherwin-Williams building be an evolving piece of public art in a way it could never be anywhere else. You can be so much more, mean so much more, if you stay here. Don’t leave. Just don’t do it.

There is also a corresponding interview of the writer on NBA Fanhouse as well, where he gives insight onto it’s making. Sadly, he was unaware of the now infamous crab – dribble when he wrote it, information on which would’ve been priceless. (Incidentally, there is no Wikipedia page dedicated to this LBJ patended move as of this writing. Get going, basketball Wikipedia-ers).

And finally, in more LBJ news, according to below..

..he has a big announcement coming out on Sunday, Jan. 18th. My wild guess: It probably has something to do with shoes.