Adidas Brotherhood Commercials

I regret not posting these new Adidas commercials when I first saw them a few weeks ago. These feature a group of random(?) kids who get to be schooled by Gilbert Arenas, Dwight Howard, Tim Duncan and Tracy McGrady, while picking up a bunch of free cool gear along the way. Silly me thought they were old when in fact they just came out! Anyway, better late than never:

Except maybe for DeShawn Stevenson’s cameo, Gil’s is the most underwhelming of all to be truthful about it. The most fun, as in insanely – laughing – out – loud – fun has to be when the same group of lucky kids get to meet Superman:

At 1:36 he talked about a piece of equipment I’ve always been curious about: chest / stomach padding, which I’m not actually sure Adidas sells. Maybe it’s football gear, I dunno. Bet it costs a fortune. Anyway, Howard talks about very important in – the – paint stuff ie. post moves, rebounding, blocking shots and dunking – NBA style which consists of a lot of screaming and chest pounding directly after a slam. I mean, who cares about going back to play D, right? The whole point is to make everyone KNOW! Sage advice right there.

Seriously speaking, the part where Howard teaches them to put on a tie and suit is very important values formation. Call me romantic, but being taught first time how to knot a tie is important stuff in teaching boys growing up. I know, I know, pass the tissue.

And finally, the kids wear Rockets and Spurs uniforms to play a showdown, which is probably the most I’ve ever heard Tim Duncan speak. Frankly, I’d rather they turn on the lights (which they obviously dimmed to keep from seeing the bare arena).

Looked like a good down the wire game though, and Duncan and McGrady get to play coaches, which I promise you after trying myself, is a wonderful experience and is just as high – pressure as when playing it. You can see both of them getting into it, and boy I can relate.

Anyway, great set of commercials. I dunno what the deal is with the ‘creators’ and ‘commanders’ they were taking about, but it’s the most fun I’ve had in a while.

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