My BallersNetwork Articles Are Up!

Things have been quiet I know. Been really busy, but not too busy for a little tooting of my own horn (ahem).

I kid of course. But I just wanted to show off my articles on, a very interesting site brought to us by and Dime. Here’s the July 17 one re start of the UAAP season:

and here’s the July 24 one re DLSU vs. ADMU (click the image):

Ballersnetwork only had a few articles when I first saw it, but now that it’s become busy it’s way more interesting. From what I see what Nike and Dime are trying to do here is to connect with the ‘grassroots’ of the game by going all over the world writing about players, teams and (this one I like) playgrounds in different cities, towns, and Colleges or Universities.

If you check out the graphic above this website, it’s a pic of a playground where I played hundreds of games myself. To most people it’s just another playground, but people who know the game understand it’s more than that. Simply put, it’s where I grew up.

So whenever I go around Manila or outside of it and see a court, I know what it means to the people who live and play around it. Seeing other courts all over the world (Asia, Europe, US) on Ballersnetwork makes me understand the people who live there just a little bit better, knowing that although we hardly have anything in common, I bet if I go there with a basketball we’d get along just fine.

Anyway, to all my peoples who love BallEx, check it out. Pinoys are represented 🙂

Incidentally Nike btw is hosting a free Parokya Ni Edgar concert at the special Nike Sportswear retail installation store located at the 4th floor, Gateway Mall in Cubao on September 4, 2008 (Thursday) at 8:00PM. Check out

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