Tius The Tiu-Nami Tiu Tiu Train Every Tius-Day

Note: Let’s face it, when Tiu comes into the court, the screams and shrieks don’t sound like they’re coming from guys. So I’m glad PDI 2bu Lifestyle writer Bianca, wrote below blog piece to give insight into all of this. BTW, Bianca occasionally writes basketball stuff (she used to play when she was a kid), while specializing in beauty and lifestyle stuff. Before you get any ideas, she has a strict no-stalking policy, so be warned.

When it comes to some sports, I probably have more testosterone than most of my male friends (who either prefer video games or non-contact sports, or are gay). I haven’t played basketball in a while, but for the past few weekends, I’ve been parked in front of the TV, yelling my lungs out with my sister Nikka, a rabid supporter of the Ateneo Blue Eagles. This afternoon, we turned the house upside down with lusty shouts while watching the UP-Ateneo game.

As expected, UP lost (I had bet that they’d lose by 20 points–the final score was 79-58), but I still had fun getting into the game. The weird thing is, I’ve never been much of a UAAP fan; I studied in UP, where the men’s basketball team has always been on the sadder side of mediocre–there isn’t much of a UAAP culture in UP, so I never got into it as much as my siblings.

The funny thing is, for some reason, I’ve been encountering more female basketball fans now. Save for one guy, the UAAP courtside reporters are female (although I think that’s also kind of sexist in a way). My sister and I, both former varsity players, are a lot more excited by the sight and sound of a basketball court than my brother (who dislikes the game but was forced by my mom, who thinks that all boys should play basketball, into enrolling in the Milo BEST clinic last summer). My boyfriend doesn’t like basketball–spurred, he said, by a fear of balls flying at his face.

It’s the female fans who are responsible for bringing basketball fandom to strange heights, and it shows. Male basketball fans don’t really care about photos or souvenirs of the players; females do, and advertisers know it. Instead of giant photos of pop stars, basketball players dominate the billboards now. Take adidas, for instance–you have to feel sorry for La Salle, which pits JV Casio against the much better-looking Chris Tiu in the campaign.

Chris Tiu. I have an issue with him, as he’s responsible for all the corny puns I’ve heard this season. Nikka has a tank top that reads, “Today is Tiu’s day.” And that’s not even the worst I’ve heard; I’ve heard of a cult filled with screaming girls clad in blue, and they’re called the “Iglesia Ni Chris Tiu.” The guy, it seems, has the force of a tiu-nami. Ryan said that he probably makes all those awesome 3-pointers because he wears great rubber tius.

One time, while teasing my sister, some wise guy cracked, “Nikka Tiu, I choose you!” She was not happy, and flung a used sock at his face.

Corniness aside, Chris Tiu has become a god of some sort not just in Ateneo, but all around the country. It’s been a while since women have had a good-looking basketball player to fawn over (half of them look like they’ve been beaten with a heavy wooden club), so the levels of adulation are getting quite crazy, especially since Ateneo looks like it’s headed for the UAAP crown.

I don’t really get the screaming levels of fandom myself. Maybe it’s because his sister Cher is a good friend (i.e., no reason to get starstruck). Maybe it’s because I used to play, and I’ve always held a grudge against male UAAP players who get all the attention, never mind that some female players can kick their asses. Or am I being too much of a guy about this?

But in any case, it’s fun to play around, thinking of puns for his name.

Food for thought. Tiu on that for the meantime.

*Edit: Kyla, a former student, left a comment on my LJ account saying: There are a bunch of people at school calling themselves Christiuns, from the noble religion of Christiunity. And they go around singing “Chris Tiu and me and all other people…” in the tune of “You and Me” by Lifehouse.

Sorry, but I found that really, really hilarious. Corny na kung corny.

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