Chronicles of an NBA hopeful: Zachary Feinstein

You probably have not heard of Zachary Feinstein but in media circles he’s fast generating some buzz after declaring himself for the 2008 NBA Draft. You see not only is the Washington State University student a pint-sized 5’8″ 130 lbs., he also has zero basketball skills and last played organized ball in the third grade. One thing this guy has that you don’t have – he has great guts! – and if he is responsible for all this machinations, he’s an absolute genius!

So far Feinstein’s plans is working to perfection. He is listed as one of 16 unknowns in the Official NBA Draft Early Entry List at and You know that this two draft outfits are the best in the business and he has his name listed on both sites, unpopular it might be. Tell me how many of you will dole out some moolah just to get a mention in two of the most popular basketball sites on the web? I’ve heard about various stories of practical jokers who declare for the draft and claimed they had sterling credentials as a player. But none of them had the guts to come out and declare their intentions sincerely. At least, Feinstein is sincere. In political circles, they’re called nuisance candidates. In the PBA draft, ‘unknowns’ are stricken from the list if they fail to attend the pre-draft rookie camp. Feinstein looks ready for the NBA wars, just in case one NBA team plays the role of a sucker and drafts him. He said that he’s ready to sit on the bench and cheer for his teammates. What a guy, with that kind of talent, he should be starting!

Feinstein created to chronicle his adventures leading to the NBA Draft. In his site he compares himself to former NBA guard Louis Herman “Red” Klotz, a 5’7″ dynamo who was among the shortest players to see action in the majors. Klotz is famous not for his exploits on the hardcourt but for being primarily responsible for forming the Washington Generals and the New York Nationals, two teams who regularly played on tour against the Harlem Globetrotters. Mind you, Feinstein, Klotz can actually “play”, you “can’t”. His stats? Probably around 5.5 ppg based on his “educated estimations from playing pick-up basketball”. And oh I forgot he has 20% career FG percentage and plays point guard to center depending on the matchups (well, when playing against grown-ups or third graders). His website must be having a million hits after this media propaganda and didn’t I tell you he is a genius!

According to Feinstein, he considers himself very team-oriented with a great attitude, and says he’s always on the look out when he puts on his driving shoes (because he wears driving shoes, literally). His weaknesses? Not much. He just lacks lacks actual basketball skills, ability, and experience. At least, he was very honest on this one.

Since his declaration for the NBA Draft, Fleinstein’s story has been picked by various media outfits – sports blogs, mainstream news, and the likes. In an interview with KSDK News Channel 5, Feinstein reiterated his desire to go to the “next level”.

“When I entered college, I had certain goals in collegiate athletics, and I believe I have met those goals, so I thought it was time to go onto the next level,” Feinstein said.

By having his name on the NBA draft list, he believes he has a great chance to be drafted by an NBA team (sorry Feinstein but Isiah Thomas is already out of work).

With the cameras on him, Feinstein immediately showed off his wide array of basketball skills to ex-St. Louis University coach Rich Grawer. Feinstein endured a series of drills for passing, dribbling, shooting and jumping. Grawer must be terribly impressed. He remarked: “I don’t think we can say he’s the worst player to try out for the NBA… Is Zach the worst? I can’t say he’s the worst, but he’s got to be amongst the worst”.

So far, Feinstein likes his chances of getting into the NBA. Grawer thinks so too.

“After watching his performance in this little skills session, I really think it’s probably using his math and engineering and science background to be on an NBA team to help them with their financies, with their salary cap…if the scoreboard breaks…I’m sure he could fix it.”

A video of Zach’s interview could be found on this link: