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Truth is, it’s boring to write about Kobe becoming MVP. I mean, first of all, there was very little doubt. Even our own MVP polls show a whopping 50% for him, with LBJ a far second at 18%. In fact, it’s even more interesting to write about why Chris Paul should be second and not LeBron. A topic like that has angles and criss crossing opinions that make a writer’s job far easier.

Second of all, he’s just too good. Almost machine – like good. Unlike other MVPs of their time that seem to conjure magic tricks on the court (ie. MJ, Nash, Magic Johnson, etc.), Kobe’s consistency and robot like devotion to the sport more than anything, in my opinion, is what makes him MVP. He is just unrelentingly, all – encompassingly, unstoppableingly, good.

Then I realized, that’s it. That’s exactly what makes him so deserving of being the Most Valuable Player.

Being a Kobe hater is so easy. I notice first of all, that unlike others he isn’t hailed as a Basketball God. There aren’t a ton of PR pictures of him helping out in charities or feeding hungry kids. I’m sure he does that a lot too, but I’m just glad they aren’t plastered everywhere. Yes he went through a scandalous rape case back in 2004 but a quick search reveals that’s over and done with, and besides doesn’t have anything to do with basketball, which is why I keep away from topics like that in this blog.

As far as I know he doesn’t have a movie. Doesn’t rap. Doesn’t have a cartoon, a comic book, not even a reality tv series. When he came here last year I was lucky enough to observe his entourage from Serendra to Ultra, where an excited packed crowd of thousands, consisting of the country’s basketball elite (I was surrounded by players and coaches to my left and right) waited hours for him.

And do you know what he did?

He drilled a selection of RP Youth players. Shooting drills. Defense drills. Crazy, intense killer drills. His point? To show that these are the things which make him the player that he is. Not anything else, but just crazy all out intense practice. Not anything else. Not Wheaties. Not Gatorade. Not even Nike. Just killer drills.

And then I realized what it is about this guy that makes him special.

All he does is score and pass and defend and work with his teammates, to win games. More than ANY other player in the league, he’s THE BEST at that. Even the haters will have to agree. Kobe’s a real MVP.

Pic Creds: from the Lakers website.

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  1. Hey, nice basketball site you have here. I agree totally with what you wrote about Kobe. I’ve been a Kobe fan for ages, amidst all the friends I have who are Kobe-haters. As I said in my blog too, his MVP is more than deserved and was a long time coming. If he didn’t win it this year, it would be a travesty. Great site man!

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