Manny! Manny! Manny! MANNY!!!

Just five minutes ago:

Manny Pacquiao

As I wrote on my personal blog minutes before the fight,’s what I think: Pacquiao’s gonna win. Which round? I dunno. What do I base this on? Just the way he looks. I know it sounds corny, but he does look like he’s got the ‘eye of the tiger’, whatever that is. Win or lose, he’s really become more impressive than I originally sized him up to be, mainly because inspite of the fact that he has already achieved far more than our wildest dreams would’ve thought anyone could, he’s still at it, training like his whole survival is at stake.

THAT, is the mark of a true hero, in my book. Training like you’re the underdog, even if you’re already a winner. So as far as I’m concerned, he can go and buy as many Cayennes and sign as many endorsements and even try TV hosting and *gasp* sing as much as he likes. It’s his time and money anyway. As far as respect goes, he already has mine.

I kept up with the fight using these various sites and their services:
ESPN Fightcreds
Inquirer’s Pacquiao Files’ Running Account
Yahoo Sports

Of the above, ESPN’s Fightcreds with David Ortiz writing line by line updates are the best. Yahoo Sport’s updates were far slower and too wordy, making it less interesting considering Fightcreds was updating almost every 10-20 seconds. If that was wordy, Inquirer’s Pacquiao Files were kilometric, preferring to make whole blog posts. Overall, a few quick words, almost Twitter – like, does the trick, plus a personal, unofficial scorecard from the blogger (which is what ESPN’s David Ortiz does), will serve the job far more efficiently.

Anyway, I’m still shaking from excitement. Mabuhay ka MANNYYYYY!

Jesus those politicians must be elbowing each other to get photo ops this very moment. I swear I hope Manny just punches em all out. Why not? He’s bigger than they are anyway, and are all obviously just using him.

Ok I’m rambling and going off topic now. Mabuhay ka Manny!