Just Wait A Little Longer Kidd

By now you’ve heard from sources far more reliable than Basketball Exchange that Jason Kidd wants out and wants out now.

The first thing guys like me do when things like this happen is read up, and that’s what I did. My interpretation? In bullet points:

  • Reports say that the ‘Nets, in not so many words, “are exercising all possible options to improve, including the likelihood of Jason leaving“. Remember, that’s my interpretation, a presumption in essence.
  • I think that’s what the ‘Nets admin office wants us to hear, but the truth is, Jason wants out NOW. As in PRONTO.
  • Jason of course won’t say that out loud, and he shouldn’t, because he’s not trained to do that. He’s trained to be a basketball player and he’s a very very very good one, but speaking out to the public? He is wise to let pros handle that.
    • However, whether the ‘Nets are truly going to do anything or they’ll just make press statements aside, it doesn’t change the fact Jason is unhappy. In his eyes, the only thing worth pursuing is a plane ticket outta there.

    So where does one side in things like these? On the one hand, its easy to brand players that want out as brats and unprofessionals. But at the same time, how do we know if they really have a case? Every athlete in the world wants to be on a winning team, and if they feel the people around them aren’t up to the task, isn’t wanting to leave a valid option?

    The last thing I want to engage in is conjecture, as we’d never really know what’s really going on from the outside (way, way outside in my case) looking in.

    However an important factor that needs to be considered is Time. Jason Kidd has been playing for the ‘Nets for seven years, and five years before that in Phoenix. In that same seven years, particularly from 2003-04 to 2006-07, they have lost the Conference Semifinals, going as low as .500 in 2006-07. Meanwhile, for the same 2006-07, Jason had 12 triple doubles, the most of his career.

    So where do I stand?

    I think Jason has looked around him, looked at his team, and more importantly looked at the mirror. He’s nearing 35 by March and after 14 years playing ball he is putting up TDs like most guys in the league put up points.

    He needs to win a ring. And he’s not gonna get it done in New Jersey.

    So I think his wanting out is valid. His numbers show he’s given it the effort, and the same numbers show everyone else around him, and yes including management, isn’t.

    So what about his actual declaring he wants out? Like I said, like most athletes they are not professional Public Relations people. At the end of the day he’s just saying what he thinks is right, and the Nets management, (which do have pro PR people) will prepare statements saying how they think we should interpret it.

    But like ‘Sheed says, Ball Don’t Lie. I checked the stats and J Kidd has a case. His announcement’s timing may be off, considering the most likely chance the team will get a good deal is summer in the US, where draft opportunities can be dealt with.

    In the meantime he has to play like the pro he has proven he is. So until then my support is with the Kidd.

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    1. Kidd is an awesome player, but not wearing a ring is a sour note to his career. I hope they trade him to a playoff contender. But to which team? Nets need a post presence and of course a good point guard. I don’t see it coming this season.

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