I'll Try To Write More. Again. Promise.

The fact that you’re seeing a new post here is a sign of the obvious – I have decided to cancel my self – imposed basketball blog hiatus, and here are the 3 good reasons why:

  1. There are new developments I wanna talk about, such as the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas‘ attempts at trying to get the NCAA and UAAP to form a new league. Anyone who’s followed this blog pretty much knows that we live and die UAAP around here, so when I started reading about these I started to need to write up. Some of the stuff that’s been said has been pretty hilarious and / or stupid, and I can’t wait to take a swipe at it.
  2. Friends at Nike’s PR firm will be disappointed. To explain: Nike’s PR firm Ogilvy is downright the most blog-friendly and consequently forward-thinking public relations firm in the country, hands down. And I know this for a fact because I not only run this basketball blog, but a fashion / girl blog and a parenting blog as well. They not only read and have an eye out on what’s hot on the local ‘net, they are also aware of the effect this has on Pinoy society as a whole, allowing them to have a pulse on what’s really going on. I won’t be surprised if their campaigns turn out to be the most effective. They are still in touch with me, and for the life of me I don’t wanna disappoint them. And no stupid Knicks coach is gonna stop that No Way Jose. People at Nike Phils., are you listening? You’re money’s well – spent with your choice of PR right there.

    All the other PR firms that handle other sports brands? Take notes. Ogilvy is owning you and the sad thing is you’re probably not even aware.

  3. Along with the SBP there are also new developments in the ‘blogging about basketball’ arena, specifically in the U.S. There are some pretty noteworthy ones (along with ten lousy ones for every one), but hey it gives me a hell of a lot to talk about. They have their own ‘specialties’ and flavors, given as well the specific nuances from each writer’s no doubt interesting personalities. Either that or I can just make fun of the fanboys. We’ll see.
  4. And finally, I make money from this blog. Not a whole lot, but it pays (some) of the bills. So when I started to see the income dropping off, ’nuff said.

It can’t be denied though, that after two stints coaching the 17 and under boy’s basketball team here in our village, I was pretty much wiped out from all things basketball. During the start and late parts of summer 2007 I ate, breathed and lived basketball. Even when I was in meetings with clients I was thinking of drills to teach kids the art of setting a pick to get a shooter free for a shot or layup, or have a shooter at the side waiting for an all – alone three.

I was plainly obsessed, and it drained me. That and trying to run 3 sites at the same time will drain anyone I guess, so I just had to take a break.

Nevertheless excuses aside, I am now back. Mental note: try not to disappoint.

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