Win vs. Iran makes it 3 – 3

Yup, our RP team won again last night against a favored Iranian team, an important victory that helps gauge our readiness for *gasp* the Olympics. And I put *gasp* because, sure it might make me seem like a traitor or something, but it still shakes me a little when I put the words RP Team and Olympics in one sentence. But here’s the scoring by quarters from last night, serving as proof positive (to the dwindling doubters like myself) that it can happen:

Phi 19 32 17 21 Final: 89
Irn 24 22 16 17 Final: 79

and here’s the vid from the last few minutes of the 4th:

Be sure to catch the game vs Chinese Taipei tonight 10:00PM at ABC 5, followed by a game vs. Qatar tomorrow at 4:30PM, and finally against Kazakhstan on Tuesday, 4:30PM.

Video courtesy of the excellent xeonfire, whose tireless efforts in recording and uploading important games deserve the highest commendation.

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