Is Ronnie Aguilar a Fil-Am?

Ronnie AguilarA report by Gerry Ramos at People’s Journal bared that PBA comish Noli Eala is considering the likes of Virginia’s 6-11 Greg Slaughter, George Mason’s 6-5 do-it-all guard Gabe Norwood, Bobby Parks’ son 6-3 Ray Parks, Desert Christian High’s 6-9 Gian Chiu, Western Kentucky’s 6-9 Japeth Aguilar, Cerritos College’s 6-1 Ryan Reyes, Holy Names University’s 6-5 Nick Stephens, UTEP’s 6-7 Joe Devance and Flagler College’s 6-5 Rob Reyes for the national team training pool. And wait there’s another… Colorado State’s 19-year old center Ronnie Aguilar.

Just who the hell is Ronnie Aguilar?

Ok, let me answer that. Aguilar, who stands 7 feet and weighs 250 lbs, plays varsity ball for the Colorado State University (CSU) Rams. CSU is a Division I school in the US NCAA competing in the Mountain West Conference and is the same school that produced NBA players Joe Vogel, Milt Palacio, Matt Nelson, and Pat Durham. He was redshirt in the 2005-06 season with the Rams. This season, he played in only 11 games, averaging 0.2 ppg and 0.3 rpg as a reserve center for the Rams. The star player of the Rams is 7-0 Jason Smith, an NBA prospect. The Rams, however, has high regard for his talent and potential. Aguilar can score on the block and still has a lot of room to improve in his game.

Last April, he was involved in an off-court altercation with teammate Xavier Kilby. The 6-8 Kilby pointed a gun at Aguilar after an argument. The incident led to Kilby’s arrest and subsequent dismissal from the team.

Ronnie Aguilar was a legend back in high school at John Marshall High, at Los Angeles, California. A multi-sport star, he played basketball, volleyball and football and earned three letters in volleyball and one in football as a wide receiver. In basketball, he was named team MVP and holds the school’s records in blocked shots, points and rebounds. A teammate at John Marshall High was 6-5 Fil-am Edwin Jason Escueta.

For all his exploits, little is known about Ronnie Aguilar’s roots. He was born June 24, 1987 to parents Lilian Romero and Gabriel Aguilar. Based on his photos, he looks to have part Filipino in him, but there are also a dozen Latinos playing division I basketball in the US that have the same features. Is Ronnie Aguilar a Fil-am? The CSU Athletics Department already refuted the claim that Ronnie had Filipino lineage. But then I also trust the RP team’s brainthrusts that ascertains that the 7-0 Aguilar has Filipino blood. If he is a legit Fil-Am, he will be a good addition to the RP team. We need guys like him, and Japeth Aguilar, Gian Chiu, and Gregory Slaughter, and other tall young Filipino ballers to anchor our future RP national teams.

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  1. sir quinito henson, if you can read this, please try to lend your ears. try to suggest to any basketball authorities that we should train the promising youths. habang maaga pa, i-train na ntin cla. lalo na ung mga matatangkad na bata pa like justin chua, buenafe and so many others here in mindanao and visayas.try to expose them at an early age sa mga american or euro players. pag magawa natin to may chance tayo sa mga international competitions like fiba-asia and olympics.sana nakuha nyo po ang punto ko.ty

  2. yea sorry buddy. i played with this dude all throughout highschool. I am filipino but he is not haha. From what i remember he is from Honduras. not quite sure but central american for sure. But his team mate Jason was fil-am about 6’3

  3. I am Sorry to say that Ronnine is not, I REPEAT is not Fil-AM. i coached him and met his mom and dad and conversated with his parents. He is from central america. i wish him the best of luck in his career, but it’s time for him to get a real job. His basketball future is at its end . he needed better coaching when he was younger but did not have the work ethic .

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