For the love of God, get rid of this guy.

Ok, maybe not for the love of God. How about, for the love of all that is great and sacred about the game of basketball. Or for the love of the hallowed halls of Madison Square Garden, the mecca of the game. Or for the love of the values and maturity you can learn from sports. Or maybe it’s as simple as, for the love of all the fans of the New York Knicks.

Isiah Thomas has got to go. Never have I encountered a sports superstar so determined to make people forget how great he was. There was a time I like many others idolized him, a deserving Hall of Famer, perennial All Star and example of a great athlete and player of the sport.

But what he has done until recently is nothing less than unforgivable. He has transformed the mighty Knickerbockers, once an unyielding force and the source of great and memorable contests of the game to a mere laughing stock, a dumping ground for has – beens, inflated egos and their even more inflated salaries.

And finally this. After the 2nd worst brawl in recent NBA history which David Stern will spend his remaining years trying to make people forget, Isiah decides to blame it on the Denver Nuggets, claiming they had it coming to them for “keeping their starters in the game” even after the result was moot. Peeved at this, he instructed his players to give hard fouls, completely blind to the possibility of the mayhem that naturally ensued.

Isiah has got to go. He is an embarrassment to all that we hold dear in the game of basketball. Let him spend his remaining years in some team’s backroom or something, making speeches on his past exploits, selling books on his autobiography, showing off his championship rings and signing autographs for fans, if he still has some.

For him, as with us all, there is a place in this world. But one thing for certain, it is not as a leader of a team in professional sports.

3 thoughts on “For the love of God, get rid of this guy.”

  1. “He made a bad situation worse. He’s a…He’s a jackass” – George Karl, referring to Isaih a day after the brawl.

    Gary, can’t help but laugh at your title with Zeke’s smiling face with it. hahaha!

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