JRU vs. DLSU – it's College Ball fever this PM

Today, 4pm at the Philsports Arena, I am taking a break from the Iverson watch as my beloved DLSU Green Archers are going for the championship vs. the JRU Heavy Bombers in the Nike/Fil-Oil/Flying-V Homegrown Cup.

Yes, I used the world ‘beloved’ not only because I am an alumni and serious fan of the only team I’ve had a real affiliation with for many many years, it’s also because this is the only time I’ve had a chance to cheer and even talk about them in a basketball tournament context, in light of their ban in the UAAP.

However, I am not without thoughts of the Heavy Bombers as well. Whilst having, to my mind, the downright coolest name in local basketball, I also grew up in the Mandaluyong area, and have watched and played many games in the JRU (then known as JRC) gym with many friends. It is there I first saw Vergel Meneses, one of the first ‘real’ high flyers I’ve ever seen in person, and watched him do amazing things.

I also saw (and actually played the occasional pick up game with), a great number of talented players out in that old stinky gym, and as a result, treat that place with some level of reverence, like some kind of Church of basketball or something, along with a few other nearby gyms, and of course, the Greenhills West outdoor court you see in the picture above this blog.

At any rate, I’m chilling the Coke and getting the Pizza Hut hotline warm in preparation for this, no doubt, exciting event. It feels great to say and hear Animo La Salle. It feels like College season all over again.

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