ABC Sports will feature BallEx Tomorrow!

Watch out for the halftime segment tomorrow, Wednesday, Oct. 25 during the Talk ‘N Text-Purefoods game Game 1, where ABC Sports will feature posts from Ballex, all by John Dacanay! Here’s their letter:

.. we’ve been browsing your weblog “Basketball Exchange” for sometime now. We’d like to request your permission to use the three blog entries posted by John Dacanay focusing on PBA lookalikes:


We’re planning to feature some of the lookalikes during the halftime game this Wednesday. I hope you could reply as soon as possible through email or through text.

Thank you and good day!

I haven’t managed to get in touch with John since I got the letter last night, so if you’re reading this pare, congratulations! Thanks to you, Blender, Chip, Jorge, Ben and Phillip, who all tirelessly work to provide BallEx the informative and entertaining content it’s become known for.

The game we love deserves no less. Animo BallEx!