PBA Blockbuster deal lands Tugade, Adducul to SMB! (Analyses added)

Another PBA Blockbuster TradeWith three straight defeats and the title of being the only winless club in the [tag]2006 PBA Talk N Text Philippine Cup[/tag], [tag]San Miguel Beer[/tag] knew they had to do something dramatic to swing their fortunes around. Yesterday, they consumated a [tag]trade deal [/tag]with [tag]Red Bull Barakos[/tag] and sister team [tag]Brgy Ginebra Gin Kings[/tag] to bring hotshot [tag]Lordy Tugade[/tag], shotblocker [tag]Omanzie Rodriguez[/tag] from the Barakos and center [tag]Rommel Adducul[/tag] from Gin Kings to their fold.

The acquisition of Adducul, Tugade and Rodriguez provides a timely shot in the arm for the Beermen. The team has been struggling under the stewardship of [tag]Chot Reyes[/tag] with the injuries to [tag]Danny Ildefonso[/tag] and [tag]Danny Seigle[/tag] and with the utter lack of back up big men after [tag]Dorian Pena[/tag]. Adducul, who has requested the Gin Kings to trade him since last year, has not been able to crack the Gin Kings’ deep frontline rotation and played only sparingly in the team’s first few games. He will play in tonight’s game against the Alaska Aces taking over the slack left by Ildefonso. Lordy Tugade, meanwhile, became expendable to the Barakos with the emergence of [tag]Larry Fonacier[/tag], [tag]Cyrus Baguio[/tag] and [tag]Leo Najorda[/tag]. The Tugade trade leaves Junthy Valenzuela and Mick Pennisi as the only remaining remnants of the original 2000 Red Bull team. Tugade, though, will not be able to play in the Beermen’s next couple of games to rest an injured knee. Rodriguez will take over Noble’s spot.

Red Bull gained additional frontline help with the addition of big men [tag]Migs Noble[/tag] and [tag]Mark Kong[/tag] who are expected to contend minutes with reserve [tag]Carlo Sharma[/tag] and resident big man [tag]Mick Pennisi[/tag]. The team expects Fonacier and Baguio to improve even more with Tugade’s exit. The Barakos also received future draft picks from the Beermen.

Brgy. Ginebra didn’t really need any additional manpower with their already loaded lineup. It could be noted that the Gin Kings have been trying to unload the 6-6 Adducul in the offseason but couldn’t find a deal to their liking. In exchange for Adducul, the team settled for a future first round draft pick who they hope could turn into something. [tag]Paolo Hubalde[/tag] is a reserve at this point and would be valuable if any of their point guards break down.

To give you an idea on how the deal went through, see breakdown below:

San Miguel:
Incoming –
Lordy Tugade, Omanzie Rodriguez, Rommel Adducul
Outgoing – Mark Kong, Migs Noble, Paolo Hubalde, 1st and 2nd rd picks in 2007 draft

Red Bull:
Incoming –
Mark Kong, Migs Noble, SMB’s 2007 1st and 2nd rd picks
Outgoing – Lordy Tugade, Omanzie Rodriguez, 2008 1st rd pick

Brgy Ginebra:
Incoming –
Paolo Hubalde, Red Bull’s 2008 1st rd pick
Outgoing – Rommel Adducul

Trade Analyses:
The deal was a no-brainer for SMB. Lordy Tugade and Rommel Adducul will help ease the burden off the Beermen’s young rookies LA Tenorio and Gabby Espinas. They will basically fill in the spots left by Ildefonso and Seigle who are both in-and-out of sickbay for the past 2 years. If the two Dannys return in their healthy form, this will no doubt make SMB a very strong team that could rival that of Ginebra’s. Omanzie Rodriguez will bring his shotblocking ability to a team lacking in one, that is, if he actually sees action on court (heck, migs noble and mark kong couldn’t even play). The trade, however, means that they have mortgaged their future. They’ve traded away their first round draft picks in the next two years to Air21 (in exchange for the 4th pick in last draft which turned out to be LA Tenorio) and Red Bull (although they have an option to exercise Coca Cola’s draft pick next year, if the Tigers stay).

For Red Bull, it came as no surprise they dealt Lordy Tugade. The trade means more playing minutes to Cyrus Baguio, Junthy Valenzuela, Larry Fonacier and Leo Najorda and they’re hoping each one of them develops into the kind of player Tugade was. Historically, they’re used to trading one of their main men in exchange for scrubs. Kerby Raymundo was basically traded by the team for a 2nd rd pick (Cyrus Baguio) and Mike Hrabak (reserved list). Former PBA MVP Willie Miller was traded for a first round pick (Denver Lopez). The deal netted a couple of reserve big men who are not deserving of roster spots: Mark Kong and Migs Noble. You see, the Barakos are not the wisest traders but they sure have luck in netting one of the top raw talents in the draft. I will grade this deal incomplete for Red Bull because I have yet to see what this future pick would turn out to be. Who knows, it could be JC Intal! (ok, maybe not because the Beermen would be a stronger team after this trade)

This was a bad deal for Ginebra. There were talks in the offseason that big man Rommel Adducul was being shopped around especially after the acquisition of Raffy Reavies, Billy Mamaril and Rudy Hatfield from Coca Cola. Welcoat even offered their first round pick in 2008 but the Gin Kings just nixed them. Tell me, who will likely have a better draft placing in the 2008 draft, Red Bull or Welcoat? But I guess, the SMC franchise is just keen on keeping Adducul within the SMC umbrella.

Purefoods is the biggest loser in this trade deal. All along, we thought SMC had Adducul going to the Chunkee Giants. Adducul would have formed a very nice frontcourt combo with Pingris and Raymundo but as fate would have it, no one was willing to play conduit to a trade deal making the Giants a stronger team. Brgy Ginebra and San Miguel are already formidable, and Purefoods could have secured some “little” help from their two sisters to make them an awesome threesome. The Chunkee Giants are still in a hangover after a successful title run but I think it’s time to have some sense of urgency that all teams have built up. The season’s still young, though, and there will be a lot of trades brewing up, and before you could wink, there may be another deal coming…

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  1. was quite shocked to hear tugade leave red bull. in the last season i thought of him as red bull’s own james yap, and i dreaded the times when he was holding the ball (as a purefoods fan). let’s see if fonacier evolves into a superstar with tugade’s absence.

  2. there’s an interesting article on the trade at the inquirer today (no thanks to their lousy website I couldn’t find a link. Maybe later).

    it presumed that Lordy faked a knee injury, just to send the message he wasn’t interested playing for them anymore. tsk tsk.

  3. Red Bull hates “pa star” player. Their philosophy is (a) if you don’t want to play, you have no business of staying with the team, and (b) star players are not born, they’re developed. Management is confident they have the perfect system to develop the next superstars of the team and the league.

  4. Is the PBA a SMC league? After much talked about ginebra-air21-coke trade now this. In that trade Mr. Tony Chua the team manager of Red Bull feeling that it was unfair trade that benefited only one team. But how things change now his team is involved in a trade that benefited only one team much more than the rest. Red Bull traded Lordy Tugade for couple of draft right and a reserved guard. They could have gotten a better deal than that, actually they did they got Rommel Adducul but traded him away. Why? Why? And for a couple of bench players??? Nothing against those reserves, but I wont trade my BMW for an owner (in my dreams of course. Integrity is what makes anything worth our time. And if PBA will allow this or don’t make a rule to avoid this it’s trading away its integrity. For Ginebra what was other teams offer sheet that makes Paolo Hubalde and 2008 draft right better???? Is this more of a marketing strategy for having a rivalry like toyota-crispa/SMB & Ginebra?? I like the PBA for having a balance league.

    P.S. Red Bull got San Miguel’s first and second round draft picks for 2009 according to PBA.ph

  5. The PBA – an SMC league? Hmmm… Let me see… 3 SMC teams… and 7 conduit teams. That’s what I think comprises the PBA. The reason why this is happening and the real reason why there are controversial deals is because of the PBA’s refusal to apply salary cap rules on trades. In the NBA, a trade can only be consumated if the players involved are equal in salary, or if the teams involved are still within the cap after the deal.

  6. it’s actually 4 SMC teams purefoods,coke,smb,ginebra. If you were red bull would you give tugade & adducul to smb knowing you will give a formidable team more arsenal.

  7. I have to agree with the assessment of the PBA being an SMC controlled league. I am a die-hard Ginebra fan and I would want nothing more than for them to have a formidable line up and eventually contend for a championship. But all these lopsided trades are fishy, and sad to say unfare to the other teams. This is not the way i would want my team to go about its upgrading of personel.
    It is obvious that any marque player from the 4 SMC controlled teams that are on the trading block will definitely be kept within the SMC confines. It won’t matter to them if the deals are one-sided or not, bottom line is that all 4 SMC teams should be filled with crowd-drawing players and all 4 teams must be contenders. Believe me, Purefoods will be getting it’s “one-sided trade” soon.

  8. And what next Ali Peek & John Arigo to Purefoods in exchange for richard yee & peter simon. And John is right about salary cap in trades. and I remember reading right after the deal with ginebra-air21-coke they will propose a rule that each team will submit a list of their top 5 players in their roster. If there will be a trade involving a team’s top player the other side should also give up a marquee player. The criteria will be about the player’s salary, pro years.

  9. jayvie:

    Is Coke still under SMC? I think the reason why Ginebra traded for Reavies, Hatfield and Mamaril is because Coke will be under new management.

    If Purefoods continues to slid down, I’m expecting “something” to materialize very soon.

    The proposed RTL or Restricted Trading List will only hamper the development and excitement of the league. Welcoat can’t simply trade for a top-5 player from other teams because their own top-5 doesn’t even compare to them salary-wise. If you trade two lesser but young and developing players whose salary approximates that of a top-5 player from other teams wouldn’t that be acceptable? As you can see, the RTL restricts only trade between respective teams’ top 5 players. That would certainly kill the excitement of the pro league. The only means for teams to improve then would only be through the draft and the free agency (trades involving minor players or players belonging to below the top5 list would only be marginal)

  10. i agree with john d…i think Coke will soon be back in the hands of the main Coca-Cola mother company. read in the news that Coke didn’t like how SMC was handling the brand (not the basketball team, hehe). anyway, i’m no businessman so i’m not sure.

    jayvee, “Ali Peek & John Arigo to Purefoods in exchange for richard yee & peter simon” just made me laugh! grabe nga no kung mangyari yon hehe.

  11. sobrang nakakainlove c lordy, bkit ganon lagi ko xa naiisip,ewan ko kung bkit,basta love ko xa.. sana bumalik ka na sa red bull,miss ko na ung team up ninyo nina rico and junty basta lahat kau…pero kung hindi kana mkkbalik sana friends parin kau, sana wag kau magkksakitan kpag magkalaban n ang red bull at smb… redbull at lordy lang forever!!!!!!

  12. i love you LORDY!
    dont wori i’ll alwayz be your number 1 fan no matter what!
    now that your not part of that fuckin REDBULL TEAM!…SMB na din aq…SMB rulez!…
    get well s0on…xcited to sEe you play agaiN..
    newEiz NURSE aq…i can take care of you…for FREE!…i love you!>>>muah>>>


  13. Lordy…mas may karapatan kang maging MVP kesa kay caguiao!!!!mas magaling ka…marming agree sakin dyn…lordy kming mga fan mo always here for u…hnd k nmin ipgpplit sa ibng player sana maging MVP ka ulet..galingan mo pa lagi kita panonoorin…

  14. idol tlga k nmin LORDY TUGADE…sana pakitaan mo p kmi ng mababangis mong tira..!!!ikaw lng ang pinapanood ko sa PBA…sna lalo kpng gumaling…ang mga negative comments sau ng ibng ay hndi totoo..mga mangmang cla…hehehe..

  15. grabe talaga!!!! I really really love LORDY!! Nagsimula lang aku manuod ng PBA noong Feb 9, 2007 kase curious ako sa cnasabi ng clasm8 ko na magaling ginebra.. walanju, nung nanuod ako si TUGADE nakita ko!!! Napakagaling nya kase!! Go SMB!! andami kong kaaway sa skul kase puro sila ginebra at inaapi nila players ng smb… Ang galing nyo talaga!!! Nawa manalo kau.. ang galing mo talaga Lordy!! adik na tuloy ako sa basketbol dahil SAYO!!! nakakatuwa talaga.. excited na ko sa game nyu mamaya… GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!! Sana maging MVP ka ulit LORDY!! hindi man ako number 1 fan okei na un!! I LOVE YOU!!! wahahahahahaW :))

  16. Lordy tugade ur the best!!!!!!!!! sana lalo mo pang galingan ngayong finals.buti nalang wala ka na red bull kasi ayoko sa red bull eh,so ngayong nasa san miguel ka na,para sa akin the best na ang san miguel.
    GO LORDY!!!!!!
    UR THE BEST!!!!
    I LOVE U LORDY !!!!
    kahit anong manyari number 1 fan mo ako!!!

  17. hi lordy alam mo crush na crush kita ok k lng dyan s smb bgy k dyan ndi k bgy s red bull mduming mg laro prang ginebra,,,bsta lordy galingan mo ,,,sn makita kita s personl lagi kitang pinapanood,,nainis nga aq nung nalmn q n ndi k mg la2ro ngaun con sn ndi 22o un wish q sn mkpg laro k tingnan nyo ung san miguel portal ang dmi kung comments dun kc crush n rush q kc keo ni don hontiveros sn nmn mlmn q ang mobile no. mo hehehehee bst lody,,,,ky lng my gf k n ky inis din aq minsn pero lordy galingan mo tlg alam q kya mo yan pagaling k hah,,,keep up the gud work,,i hope u deserve it,,,,i luv u as my fans

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