OT: Salamat Manong

After having watched the news two days ago, a grave injustice has come to my attention.

Apparently, [tag]Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes[/tag], our Esteemed Great Athlete, Pride of the Philippines and undoubtedly, [tag]The Greatest Billiards Player[/tag] Ever, has come back home sans fanfare, after having garnered the [tag]World 8 Ball Championships[/tag] in Las Vegas Nevada.

Need I remind everyone, ‘The Magician’ is a [tag]Billiards[/tag] Hall Of Famer, has won so many events for so many years I leave it to his Wikipedia page to list it all down. The Filipinos are the best at the sport, and he is the best amongst the Filipinos. There is no doubting his greatness, and his recent win of $500,000.00 whilst a pittance compared to other sports, is a righteous proclamation, making him the top paid athlete of the [tag]sport[/tag].

It is therefore a terrible disgrace imo, that his recent return was met with little celebration or notice amongst us Pinoys, the very people to whom he dedicates his wins to. Where was the ticker tape parade? The throngs of loving fans? The hordes of leeching, attention hungry politicians elbowing one another for a photo opp?

He meets this with typical humility I’m sure. I however, in my capacity as writer for this Blog, wish to take the opportunity to express my gratitude, hopefully in the name of others as well. Hence:

Congratulations Manong Efren!
Mabuhay po kayo!

yun lang po. And now back to the ballgames.

P.S. BTW, I personally have the distinction of owning a signed taco (billiard cue) from Manong Efren himself. I’m not sure if he still does, but he used to hangout at [tag]Greenlanes Makati[/tag], playing chess with [tag]Paeng Nepomuceno[/tag] of all people. It’s a surreal experience.

2 thoughts on “OT: Salamat Manong”

  1. Yo, Gar! Coronado Lanes along Pasay Road no longer exists… 🙁 Yes, I used to frequent that place and I also had the pleasure of seeing the Legends there (Efren and Django) and a would-be Hall of Famer (Luat).

    While you had the surreal experience of seeing Great Efren playing chess with the Great Paeng, I had the chance of seeing the “Kid” playing PUSOY with Django and the gang. Hehehe…

    More power to you, Efren!

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