My Time With T-Mac

Am still on a major high from yesterday’s 30 minute interview with the guy. I can honestly say I was definitely more excited than I had ever been for any interview I’ve ever prepared for. Fortunately Tracy (naks. pa Tracy Tracy na lang), was very good-natured and game, even though it was obvious he was tired (we were the last bunch after around 8 other groups, including the Basketball Show and various magazines), and suffered from a slight cold.

Can you blame him? In four days he’s gone from Seoul South Korea to Guangzhou China, to here, and as I write this, he’s probably doing promotionals in Hong Kong. If you dont think you can get tired from all that flying, his killer itineraries in every single country he goes to, where every minute is accounted for, will definitely get you.

And still, he has to find time to work out with his trainer Wayne Hall, whom I also had an excellent five minute interview with. Here are a few more bulletpoints:

  • I conducted the interview with Coach Joel Banal(!), who brought three of his four very tall and very starstruck high school boys with him, dressed complete with T-Mac authentic NBA jerseys. Previous to the interview, we had an animated discussion about two championships of his I personally watched, the 2002 ADMU UAAP Championship, and his NCAA Mapua Championship in 1991. He revealed a lot of interesting facts, like how he had no sleep the morning of that famous UAAP game, and the promise he made to the ADMU alumni which clinched him the job among others. We ran out of time, but I got his cellno, and I’m definitely going to interview him again.
  • I didn’t get to ask as many questions as I would’ve wanted, in fact I goofed and forgot to make Tracy name his pick for his own NBA First Five and World Championship predictions, but it’s all good, and besides I really felt he was tired and we already reached 30 minutes.
  • The shoe he’s launching is the T-MAC 1 Limited Edition, with only 1,650 units released and all individually numbered. It features an all-white design, an understated Olympic Gold motif and a T-Mac Signature. The Limited Edition Pure White T-MAC 1 is available at the following adidas concept stores: Glorietta, Rockwell, Toby’s Mall of Asia and at the SM Mall of Asia.
  • Compared to the Andre Igoudala and Channing Frye event a few weeks back, this one was far better choreographed and much more enjoyable because of. I don’t really know if they got as much mileage as they would have wanted with those two when they came here, and I suspect it was just purely because it was badly organized and run. Pity.
  • As much as I wanna share the mp3 of my interview, I can’t pre-empt my own article, and besides there are tricky ownership issues. However I think they wouldn’t mind if I uploaded my interview with Wayne Hall, his trainer instead. So here it is! Warning though, it’s 6.2mb. The video we were discussing is here.

I dont know when my article will come out on PDI Lifestyle ‘Playtime’ Sunday, but I’ll post it here asap!

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7 thoughts on “My Time With T-Mac”

  1. speaking of the andre iguodala interview :
    “I’ll be posting more details about my interview and the article I’ll be submitting on Basketball Exchange soon!”

    you never did 😛 lol

  2. hi iverose!

    Yeah I know! That’s because I’ve yet to submit the article to the Inquirer! Don’t worry as soon as it comes out I’ll repost it here asap.

    The T-Mac one will come out this Sunday September 3, 2006, though 🙂

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