Lookie What I Got

That’s right Ballex fans, I bought Allan Caidic’s book “My Life” at NBS for P275.00 the other day, and am about to embark on a review of it for all you lovingly loyal followers out there.

Well, that’s half of the reason. Another half of course is that I’m genuinely curious about what The Triggerman has to say, and then finally another half, which is if he managed to say it well, or in other words, if this book is worth a damn.

It’s not very big at 184 pages, has large type and is made of rather cheapy paper and pictures that reminds me of a school annual. It even smells the same.

It is however, about the famed Triggerman, arguably one of the best players we’ve ever had, and certainly among the best shooters anyone has ever seen. A book, or any lasting record about his life and achievements is therefore important. Writing a book however, is a risky undertaking.

See, with all due respect, Filipinos aren’t big on reading, and much less the basketball fan. Also, at P275.00, that’s almost the price of one month’s worth of texting, and we all know how much more important that is.

Which makes a review of it all the more important. I hope, for the sake of my idol, that he scores on this one. BTW, there’s a good Wikipedia page of him here.

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